First Snow

Tyson moved to winter scene first snow 2

We had our first snow this week in Ohio. Not near as much as other states, but it was so pretty to wake up to find the world had been painted white by The Master. It was a snow day for the grandbabykins also so we got to have him for the day while his mama worked. He helped shovel and play in the snow and of course throw some snowballs.

I combined two photos to get this one since I liked this photo of the tree line a bit down the road behind a house. Original photos are below.

DSC_0047 2 DSC_0057 2

On the picture below I ran the Snowy Dreams action from The Coffee Shop Blog.

Tyson moved to winter scene first snow w snow action

Thanks for visiting. We’re never to old to play in the snow or at least watch the kiddos play in the snow. ~smiles~


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Cuteness for Christmas ~ Yep

These are adorable and so easy to make…I know, Thanksgiving first, but Christmas is on the way and we all know how we love to sew. I made these a few years ago, and thought not too soon to share them again.

I got the pattern for these from Crap I’ve Made’s blog site. She has lots of really cute crafts there. Anyway, these were so easy to make that I actually couldn’t stop and made about a dozen. On some, I added the name in glitter of my grandbabykins to hang on my Christmas tree this year. The fun was that I could use up some of my scrap materials to make since I didn’t think that they actually had to be Christmas theme. The six year old grandbabykins liked the idea so much, and his that I made, he wanted to take one home for his tree at home plus he decorated his own with glitter. Bonus…kids would have fun decorating them with glitter or adding their special touches after you make some.

If you like to sew and do crafts, visit ‘Crap I’ve Made’s page for the tutorial and pattern for these, and have fun!!!  You’ll love browsing her site for other crafts to make.

Thanks for visiting, and leave a comment or just say hi so I know you were here. If you make some, I’d love your sharing a photo of yours in the comments section.

DSC_0183 DSC_0181 DSC_0180

Stockings on the cute!!

Stockings on the tree…so cute!!


Couldn’t leave without saying I hope all have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Destiny Maker

Destiny Maker by Melissa Dugger
Published by WestBow Press
My rating: starstarstar
 The beginning Prologue is intriguing enough to pique the interest as to where the story is going. There are twists and turns along the way. There are points in the story where the author draws your imagination into the beautiful descriptions of the world Katie has entered as well as the ones that make you know you’d never want to go to that world of darkness. This is Book One of The Lost Souls Trilogy. I found the author’s style to be a bit like Author, Kristie Cook’s characters as far as the fantasy illustrations go for the world she takes you into on her quest to find her dad.
Katie is just a young girl in her senior year of high school. She is looking forward to her dad returning home from a year long job assignment in time for her graduation when news arrives that her dad has gone missing. He’s missing miles away from home in another country, and Katie is drawn to the fact that if she waits for others to go find him, it will be too late. She sets out on her own, and isn’t prepared for the destiny that will be asked of her.
I think I have an idea as to where the story will wind up, but so far this first book leaves you wondering and anxious to know more like :
  • How will her Destiny be fulfilled?
  • Will she perish?
  • Will she have the courage to defeat Semonic or will Katie fall to his darkness?
  • Will she let her heart take over and choose between the two men that are sworn to protect her?

There were points in the book where I had to retract to find what character’s story line I was following, but I do feel that the story flows well enough and keeps the interest. The only reason that I can’t give more stars is there were some editing errors after about half way through the book that did cause stumbling, but could be overlooked. Even with those errors though that may or may not been the fault of the author, I would recommend the book is worth the read because of the author’s style of writing that flows, and her story line. Since this is her debut novel, she can only get better.

Book One of the Trilogy is written well enough to ensure the reader will want to know the outcome of the story line.

(Excerpt below is taken from the book description found on the Book Look Bloggers website) Continue reading


Eliyyah white dress gallery wrap butterflies

Little Miss Faith from a photo shoot when she visited grammy. She was dressed and ready for Church in the cutest white outfit.

I applied Kim’s kk_Tuesday, brushed Faith back into the foreground and then ran Gallery Wrap.

Sharing with all the other wonderful photos you’ll find at Texture Tuesday.

Hope you like….:)


Sometimes Editing Not Needed?

weeds straight out of camera

Sometimes weeds can make fun photos, and I just didn’t think editing was needed for these….chime in if you think different.

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And sometimes it does need editing.

Below is shared with Texture Tuesday (edited with kk_Wednesday and then overlayed with a photo of leaves for color)

Also sharing with Six Words Friday for the word NEVER on Friday October 25th..

weeds straight out of camera edited version Never

Never misjudge a weed as ugly…Because there is Beauty with God’s…Plan for even the field weeds…The Tones of Color enhances them…And the heart perceives their Beauty…Look beyond the mind-set and Enjoy!!

Hello Fall

Hello Fall for TT

Although this evening and this week hasn’t felt much like Fall. It is only in the 50′s and 50′s and 40′s at night. Brrrrr…chilly already. I usually really like Fall the best, but it is cooling off too soon.

The leafs for my vase I picked up when I took the grandbabykins to the park after school. I slathered Mod Podge on them to see if they would keep better without curling. So far, so good.

I applied Kim’s bakin texture and sharing with Texture Tuesday.

Which season is your favorite?

Have a Blessed week and Happy Tuesday