Tea Cup Exchange


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teacup exchange gifts for blog

What fun it was to receive my package from an awesome lady in South Carolina. Not only did the package contain a lovely tea cup, but the cutest tea pot, some tea, and topping it all off some honey stirrers.



For me, the giving was just as much fun as receiving. I enjoyed finding a lovely teacup, candle, a fun rose photo frame, and since I love to sew and do crafts, I included one of my crocheted doily as well as a hand made pot holder for my package to Diane in Florida.


What a wonderful idea to have a Tea Cup Exchange, and it was all arranged by The Enchanting Rose. So glad I decided to participate. Be sure to stop over to check out all the lovely Tea Cups that were sent and received. You’ll enjoy her really lovely site to visit whether you’re into tea cups or not. ~smiles~
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Sometimes Editing Not Needed?

weeds straight out of camera

Sometimes weeds can make fun photos, and I just didn’t think editing was needed for these….chime in if you think different.

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And sometimes it does need editing.

Below is shared with Texture Tuesday (edited with kk_Wednesday and then overlayed with a photo of leaves for color)

Also sharing with Six Words Friday for the word NEVER on Friday October 25th..

weeds straight out of camera edited version Never

Never misjudge a weed as ugly…Because there is Beauty with God’s…Plan for even the field weeds…The Tones of Color enhances them…And the heart perceives their Beauty…Look beyond the mind-set and Enjoy!!

Hello Fall

Hello Fall for TT

Although this evening and this week hasn’t felt much like Fall. It is only in the 50’s and 50’s and 40’s at night. Brrrrr…chilly already. I usually really like Fall the best, but it is cooling off too soon.

The leafs for my vase I picked up when I took the grandbabykins to the park after school. I slathered Mod Podge on them to see if they would keep better without curling. So far, so good.

I applied Kim’s bakin texture and sharing with Texture Tuesday.

Which season is your favorite?

Have a Blessed week and Happy Tuesday


Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

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Meet new people and share a Tea Cup or Mug. Visit The Enchanting Rose for all the details. I’m excited to be participating. Sign up ends this Friday, September 26th.

Easy as just sending The Enchanting Rose an email that you want to join in the fun, getting a name and address and mailing out and receiving an adorable Tea Cup or Mug.

It’s my first time participating, but sounds fun. Enjoy

Pop on over to The Enchanting Rose site, explore her wonderful site, and get all the info.

Have fun….:)



As Summer Fades

Flowers bw for bw Wednesday

As I cut some flowers to bring in this morning, most of them look as if they’re drooping and ready to be done. With the cooler nights we had lately, I think they’ve mustered all the growing they can for this season. Even I have to say, they did as brave a growing season as they could since I really wasn’t into having a flower bed this Summer…these old bones just don’t bend like they use to and getting down and digging in the dirt and weeding is becoming more of a chore than I like. ~smiles~

Sharing with Black and White Wednesday so pop on over to see what others are seeing in black and white today. :)

Colorful below ~ Happy Wednesday ~

colorful for bw wednesday


Another Bachelor

Bachelor with kkflow n Earl watercolor for TT bw

Sharing with Texture Tuesday and Texture Twist. Layered with kk_flow then moved the picture onto Earl’s watercolor texture/background with a bevel frame. Applied kk_canvasbackmagic with saturation which turned it to black and white and then I colored the bachelor button flower back in. (Earl has many wonderful tutorials and lots of fun ideas/tips on his site so give him a visit at http://earkdesign2.com)

Happy Tuesday, have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Saving bit of Summer with kk gift for TT

As we say Good-Bye to Summer with saving a bit of dried flowers,

it Will soon be time again for ‘Finding My Pumpkin’

Finding My Pumpkin



Zinnia cup pic

Textured with kk_waterfront 28 and kk_flow. Sharing with Texture Tuesday.

It is my calling to treat every human being with grace and dignity, to treat every person, whether encountered in a palace or a gas station as a life made in the image of God.

~Sheila Walsh~

My Zinnia seedlings finally bloomed. Been trying my hand at drying flowers again. I use to all the time, and since I’m doing the Postcrossing, I thought a dried flower would be a nice addition to any postcard sent. However, this Summer my garden is kind of sparse ~ more full of weeds than blooms it seems. Summer gets ahead of me and by August, I admit I get a lot lazy about pulling weeds.

Below are some Bachelor Buttons and couple Zinnia that I’ve dried already.

2014-08-18 14.58.14

Thanks for visiting. Comments are always fun to read so drop one off before you leave if you have time. Also, if you have a technique for drying flowers that you want to share, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks…:)


11 from Singapore

Sharing one of the latest Postcards that I’ve received. This one is from Singapore. I’m loving participating in Postcrossing.