Traveling With Jesus

The month of March reading Matthew, it’s as though I’ve been listening to Jesus talking to his disciples. Teaching them the Law, giving them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease, and foretelling of things to come.

I was among the crowds (multitudes) that gathered listening to His Words in Matthew. We gathered at different cities, we followed along as Jesus taught. I was there in Matthew when he said he would die and Peter didn’t want to hear it. We followed along as they beat him and nailed him to that cross.

Sadness filled my heart, but I knew it would turn to JOY because he had said why he would go to the cross. For Me and for All.

The word that resonated to me that he said during my journey this month in Matthew:


There is Love no greater than happened on the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Matthew 22: 36-40

Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou salt love the Lord they God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all they mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

1 Samuel 16 7 Lord Looks at Heart

Have a spirit filled Easter and celebrate with Joy and thankfulness that we are forgiven and that he is risen.

Wishing all a Blessed and Happy Easter,


A Good Time To Have ~ THE FLU

I’ve been absent and was out of commission most of March. The 10th was the day that all in my family went down with the flu. Seems though, mine lasted the longest. The cold and coughing would just not stop long after the fever of a couple of weeks subsided. My reason that it was a good time to have the flu: This year, I’ve been reading through the Bible and getting back to my religion more this year. It was just too easy to let it slip by the wayside, and I actually didn’t even realize that I had done it. And, since I had the flu all during March, what kept entering my mind was that we were heading into Easter and what Christ had done for me and all. Anyway, during the fever of that flu, what kept me going because it was the worst flu that I’d experienced in years was I kept picturing our Lord and Saviour hanging on the cross and what he must have experienced in comparison to the pain that I was feeling. It seemed a great pain until the vision of him hanging on that cross entered my mind’s eye. I could see him hanging there for three days in excruciating pain, and was he whimpering or whining like a baby like I was? I think not. No, he was experiencing it all for me and all man kind. I know that my flu was in no way even close and maybe shouldn’t be compared, but honestly, it got me through the worst of the fever, the aches, the pain, etc. I talked to him and told him how thankful I was and how sorry that as a society we sometimes just don’t get it, and he had to go to such extremes to prove his love for us, but that I was thankful. Yes, I admit, I even cried a bit when the flu just wouldn’t let go and I thought I’d had enough, and then I felt shameful for being such a baby. But when I told him I just didn’t think I could keep having the fever and no rest and that I was so tired to the point of tears, I prayed a prayer for myself. He put in my mind to try some things that didn’t need to be over the counter medicines because I felt too miserable to even try to go to a pharmacy, and I didn’t really want to call the doctor because usually, these days, they really don’t give anything for fever and colds. So, I took my tablet and looked up home remedies. One that helped me, I think, was the hot milk, turmeric, and honey and drink it. It felt great on my raw throat from the cough, and since I hadn’t eaten a thing for or almost two weeks, it felt good to be able to keep it down. Anyway, I’m on the back side of that after being sick from March 10th until the end of March. And I give the praise for Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us. I’m sharing one craft that I finished the week before I got sick. (My son and his family were coming from California for a visit starting the end of February so that my son could help the hubby do some things around our house that he just can’t get done since he’s been sick (he has emphysema). So as with how Murphy’s law can happen, we all ended up sick most of the month of March. He will be heading back to CA next week and nothing got accomplished.) They had asked if I’d make a backpack for the 2  1/2 y.o. grand-daughter, and I did get it done. I plan to make more that will be available on my selling site now that I’m feeling much better. Back Pack without name Back Pack with my name for example I put her name on it, but for example purposes, I’m using my name. DSC_0250 On hers they wanted Praise Jesus, but the straps could say anything wanted or nothing at all. It is Toddler size and I found the pattern for free at this wonderful lady’s site if anyone would want to make their own. Here’s the link plus she has other great patterns at her Etsy shop and on Pinterest. I’d love to have to check out my shop anytime at Peabea’s Handmade ‘n Fun Finds For Sale. I’ll have some backpacks online soon, but if anyone is interested in ordering and want a special name or anything, just let me know. Thanks… Thanks for visiting, and as always would love you to just say hi so I know you came by, and I can come visit you. Peabea Hope everyone had a blessed Resurrection Day. He is Risen! :)

By The Lake

scenery from CA for TT

Just having some fun doing a bit of painting on a photo to share with Texture Twist and Texture Tuesday. I used the paint brush to add more blue to the sky, applied Kim’s kk_waterfront and then brushed the mountain back in and some other areas. Then using the patterns tool added some flowers and rocks as well as grass. Placed the lady and baby as if walking away from the edge.

Original photo below that was taken at a local park when I visited California last March.


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texture-twist  ttbutton_kimklassen

Need Mittens?

2015-02-02 12.00.59

My hands are always cold even when I wear gloves so I decided that I wanted a pair of mittens. So, I am trying to design my own. This is my first go around and for now they’re warm. The fingers get so cold in gloves and I’m thinking mittens will be better. Also, I saw a cute hat made out of fleece and decided to give that a try. This one isn’t exactly like I was thinking, but it fits my head. hahaha. To make these, I simply drew around my hand and left room for seam allowance and hand to fit comfortably inside.

After I made these, I found a great YouTube video of a gal who sews some really cute and easy mittens out of her discarded sweaters. I especially like her idea of using the ready made cuff from a sweater. Going to give that a try when I go through my sweaters, but for now, I have a knitted hat scarf that is just too big and floppy so I’m going to try to add a cuff to my fleece ones above. We’ll see how that works.

Cuff has been added to my fleece mitten:

2015-02-02 17.41.58  mitten cuff

Material was $9.99/yard at JoAnn Fabrics but I had a 60% off coupon so that made it only $3.996/yard (love JoAnn for all the coupons you get), and I have plenty left over to make hats or scarfs.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making some mittens out of recycling your sweaters (I think toddler sweaters for toddler mittens or little ones would be cute too)…anyway, I’ve put her website for the pattern and video below.

Have fun and ‘Sew Long’ for now…(see what I did there with the sew..never mind)….

~hugs giggles ‘n scribbles~


Sharing with Life Thru The Lens          1421620653871 and Roses of Inspiration  Linkup_zps5408dd4d230

Roman Cake Designs Pattern is HERE

hint when you take the pattern. I did the right click, but since apparently the jpg is named the same for both patterns, it would only download the first one for me so the next I copied and pasted into my word program and printed it.

Design D_

January 2015 ~ Goodbye

January for Mona monthly_0

As we say ‘Goodbye’ to January, I’m sharing my January Collage with Mona’s Picturesque monthly link up. January pretty much has been nothing but snow and cold so far, but we’ve been really lucky with not a lot of accumulation. We’ve pretty much just hibernated and not doing much except plowing and shoveling snow. The granbabykins even likes to help shovel when he’s here. As for me, I pretty much leave that job up to the guys. :)

The weather has drifted back and forth so we have had thaws in between. This week-end they are calling for a record snowfall for our area so far this season, but I’m hoping it doesn’t materialize like they’re saying. If it does, we’ll be pretty much just staying in and watching the Super Bowl.

I’m ready for Spring already and it’s only the end of January. bleh!!!

Pop over and visit Mona’s site. She’s an awesome photographer and shares some of her wonderful photos on her site. You won’t be disappointed with your visit. She has a monthly link up called a Month In Photos (the end of each month). Check out what others have been doing in the month of January.

Thanks for visiting, and I’d love to hear how your winter season is going so far or whatever season you might be experiencing right now.





It’s Back

Winter Scene w carmel for TT

The snow has returned here in Ohio, but not with the force of those on the East Coast that experienced Blizzard conditions overnight. Our thoughts are with them as they shovel out from under. One report said that Boston got 18 inches with winds of 65mph. Stay warm everyone. As long as the electric stays on and we have heat, it is so lovely with the new fallen snow.

I textured my winter scene with kk_carmel to share with Texture Tuesday . I’m also sharing with Texture Twist and The Enchanted Rose has a new link up on Tuesdays called Roses of Inspiration now so I’m adding her to my Tuesday linkups as well. It’s always fun to link up and see and meet new blogger friends. Stop by their sites and say hello. :)

Linkup_zps5408dd4d230   texture-twist   ttbutton_kimklassen

I saw these words on the internet and loved them so I recreated on my own graphic and if anyone knows the author please let me know so I can give proper credit, but the words are awesome, I thought. Please feel free to copy and take for your own if you like since the words are not really mine, just borrowed.

you are mine quote

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