Learning New Things

I’ve always tried to save flowers from my flower bed each year by drying those that I can. I also press them. They make cute additions when making a notecard, etc. to send. Lately, after joining His Kingdom Come Bible study group, they have shown some great ways to utilize painted backgrounds, stencils, wording, etc. as they journal their Bible reading. So, I’m having fun learning how to make my own paint and creating backgrounds, etc. that I can use in my digital graphics.

I’ve learned to make my own stamps as well as using different objects as stencils. Below is one that I did using my dried flowers as stencils.

Dried Flowers stencil

The stamps below, I made after watching YouTube video on how to make them using foam sheets and then just gluing to cardboard. Works great.

2015-08-01 22.56.51


2015-08-01 23.01.27

What they look like on paper


Making stamps:

Making your own spray paint: 

I also found books 10 for $1 at the Thrift store that I’m going to try doing the repurposing into a journal that I’ve seen. They look cute, and I’m thinking a great idea for Christmas gifts for my girls. There are lots of how to videos on YouTube for this process and lots do them differently. So far I’ve only gotten the insides out, and put my fabric around the spine area. Next I need to decide what papers I will use for my signatures (the inserts). You can use just plain paper or decorated or interesting items with pockets, etc. Should be fun.

2015-08-01 23.02.06

2015-08-01 23.02.13

Few more painted backgrounds:


Keeping busy and enjoying retirement just doing what I feel like when the mood strikes.


We’ve finished reading through the Bible in Proverbs and next it’s on to Song of Solomon. Check out my Proverbs page if you want to see some of my Proverbs Journaling.

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Proverbs and The Contentious

 Contentious note

We are almost through Proverbs in my Reading Through the Bible group. Leviticus and Proverbs have been interesting to me. Reminders of how just being mindful of certain things in life can enrich and make for a happier life whether you’re Christian or not. Simple Goodness or Evil. Which is the preferred to follow? I see evil as having no fruitful outcome except for the evil doers so give me Goodness and Righteousness any day of the week. But as the Bible teaches to each his own for their outcome. Am I a contentious woman? I hope not, however, I do have my days that I’m out of sorts, but I think contention used in Proverbs means more surly attitudes or maybe downright mean? What is your take on contention? I may have it all wrong so would love to hear any thoughts on the subject.

As I’m reading through the Bible, I’m also following a wonderful gal who is sharing her thoughts on Proverbs via Doodling. Check out some of her great artwork doodles by clicking the image.


My word for the year:


Sharing my Joy with you. You can find it HERE or click on the image to download it.

If you’d like it without my graphics or watermark, you’re welcome to download it HERE or click the image below and use as you like.


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Moving Forward

1-2015-07-19 09.25.27

1-2015-07-19 09.25.21

1-2015-07-19 09.25.52

1-2015-07-19 09.25.57

1-2015-07-19 09.26.00

1-2015-07-19 09.26.06

Just some fun with taking photos that appear to be moving forward. :)

I so need to get out and take some photos. hahaha besides what’s in the house. Don’t really have new photos to share.

Below is sunrise this morning. The sun looked orange/red, but my camera doesn’t show it how pretty it was as it was rising this morning.

2015-07-26 06.43.34

2015-07-26 06.42.01

Family Sunning Time








When we go down the channels at the lake, we sometimes see the turtles out. One year though, they were much larger than these, and as you might know I hadn’t taken my camera along. Made me have second thoughts and hopes that they never ventured to the beach area. This past weekend though, we did see these few smaller ones.

Nature is so interesting, but I’m glad God made me a human. :) The one looks to be a family with their young.

July 4th 2015

Sparkler Fun

Without little ones, I’m not sure I’d enjoy the fun of the 4th of July as much. Their excitement makes it all worthwhile.

1-2015-07-04 22.17.28

For the past 17 years, we’ve been lucky enough to watch the fireworks from our boat on the water. They have never disappointed.

As we celebrated this Independence Holiday, my thoughts turn to those who are fighting for my right to relax and enjoy this holiday. I always get sad for those who are on foreign lands and away from their families. God Bless all those who serve and have served since the beginning of America. I pray that my children, grandchildren, and generations to come have the same comfort level that I experience. It is a fun holiday, but it is also one that always gives me a heavy heart thinking of those who have given so much. They are true heroes.


That freedom allows the little ones to experience the Sparkler Fun. God Bless the USA.




Rejoice Too

Romans 5 3-4

Flowers from my flower bed and a scripture from Romans. I’m sharing over at Scripture and a Snapshot. Stop by. :)

We can rejoice too, when we run
into problems and trials, for we know that they are
good for us-they help us learn to be patient.
And patience develops strength of character
in us and helps us trust God more each
time we use it until finally our hope
and faith are strong and steady.

Romans 5:3-4

Sunday Blessings for a great week ahead and a Safe Independence Holiday this coming Saturday.



Milkweed and Weeds

Milkweed & Weeds in Green clip mask

Where we live use to be my hubby’s step-grandfather’s farmland, and when we decided to buy our house, hubby wanted to move on this land that he use to help farm as a teenager. It’s rural, and there were only 9 houses on the road at the time. Over the years we’ve lived here and raised our children, there has only been one house added and that was just recently. It is flat farmland all around us. We didn’t think much of it that there was an auction house right beside us owned by a local family and had been for years. That was fine, and the auctions were only on some Friday nights so it really wasn’t that big of a deal…….that is until they decided to sell. We assumed that whoever purchased it would just take over their business. Not the case. Without going into much detail, I can only say it has not been the best of years. Actually, they purchased it and pretty much just trashed the building and the land. Eventually, they didn’t pay their taxes and it went to sheriff sale. We were hopeful since it was a local business owner in our bigger town that made the purchase. Not the case. That was three years ago, and they have done nothing except let the critters run wild. We’ve actually never seen the new owners.  No mowing, etc., which gets me to my post.

The only blessing in the weed field that I live beside is the Milkweed. It sprouted a couple summer’s ago in what is slowing becoming a forest over there. So, at least the butterflies may come again (and I have seen a few this summer so far). Hence, my photos of the milkweed and weeds next door. :) Also, sometimes weeds can be pretty flowers too…if you stop and really take a look.

Design D_

Orange White for Etsy   Remember these cute vintage dress hot pads some of the grandmothers use to make. My Aunt was the one who made them in my family, and she’s who taught me to crochet. You can now find them in my Etsy shop. Stop by and browse the colors available as well as my other products.

~hugs ‘n giggles~


Philippians 4 11-13

A scripture to share with you. You can download it HERE without my logo.


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