Rejoice Too

Romans 5 3-4

Flowers from my flower bed and a scripture from Romans. I’m sharing over at Scripture and a Snapshot. Stop by. :)

We can rejoice too, when we run
into problems and trials, for we know that they are
good for us-they help us learn to be patient.
And patience develops strength of character
in us and helps us trust God more each
time we use it until finally our hope
and faith are strong and steady.

Romans 5:3-4

Sunday Blessings for a great week ahead and a Safe Independence Holiday this coming Saturday.



Milkweed and Weeds

Milkweed & Weeds in Green clip mask

Where we live use to be my hubby’s step-grandfather’s farmland, and when we decided to buy our house, hubby wanted to move on this land that he use to help farm as a teenager. It’s rural, and there were only 9 houses on the road at the time. Over the years we’ve lived here and raised our children, there has only been one house added and that was just recently. It is flat farmland all around us. We didn’t think much of it that there was an auction house right beside us owned by a local family and had been for years. That was fine, and the auctions were only on some Friday nights so it really wasn’t that big of a deal…….that is until they decided to sell. We assumed that whoever purchased it would just take over their business. Not the case. Without going into much detail, I can only say it has not been the best of years. Actually, they purchased it and pretty much just trashed the building and the land. Eventually, they didn’t pay their taxes and it went to sheriff sale. We were hopeful since it was a local business owner in our bigger town that made the purchase. Not the case. That was three years ago, and they have done nothing except let the critters run wild. We’ve actually never seen the new owners.  No mowing, etc., which gets me to my post.

The only blessing in the weed field that I live beside is the Milkweed. It sprouted a couple summer’s ago in what is slowing becoming a forest over there. So, at least the butterflies may come again (and I have seen a few this summer so far). Hence, my photos of the milkweed and weeds next door. :) Also, sometimes weeds can be pretty flowers too…if you stop and really take a look.

Design D_

Orange White for Etsy   Remember these cute vintage dress hot pads some of the grandmothers use to make. My Aunt was the one who made them in my family, and she’s who taught me to crochet. You can now find them in my Etsy shop. Stop by and browse the colors available as well as my other products.

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Philippians 4 11-13

A scripture to share with you. You can download it HERE without my logo.


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Proverbs 7 ~ Reading Through the Bible

Proverbs 7

As I’m reading through the Bible, I’ve found that we all do it differently. Some journal, some highlight their Bible, some just read their Bible and then comment on the site that is hosting the reading, and then there’s this gal who does some wonderful Doodles of what she’s reading. She’s offered to share her doodles as a PFD printout, either in color or as a coloring page. You can also join the linky party for this month’s reading by using her Proverbs doodles however you would like and sharing them. See her page for all the how to’s. Enjoy.

I Journal and do scripture graphics, and this one I will be sharing over at her site. I hope you give her a visit.

I printed off some of her pages for coloring pages to mail to my grand-daughter. :)

Original page from Doodle Through The Bible: but be sure to go visit and download your full page copy at her site.


Thanks for visiting and have a blessed week.


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Scripture and a Snapshot Sharing

Deuteronomy 6 6-7

Portulaca, one of my favorite dainty little flowers. Love their variety and how they spread, just like God spreads his love for us through his teachings and words.

Today is Father’s Day and I hope all the Father’s are being cherished on this day, and having a good day.
I’m joining in with my Scripture over at A Glimpse of Our Life for the Scripture and a Snapshot link up. Come on over and join in with your Scripture photos or just pop over for a visit. :)

Scripture & A Snapshot

Have a great week ahead, and stay dry. We are water logged with rain here in Ohio, but not nearly as bad as other states. But in all my years at my current place, I’ve never seen the flooding in our area like this past week. Prayers for all who have had damage to their homes, lost their homes due to flooding, or even those who recently lost their lives in the Texas floods.


My Yearly Gift

My gift arrived right on time…….

A few years ago, my middle child (son) had to move back home for a bit, and while here he ordered bulbs to plant in my flower bed. He has since moved away again, and every year, it is like getting that gift all over again.  I did separate and move the bulbs last year, but was wondering if they would return. They did.

My Lily gift from the son. :)

Lily raw Lily for TT

Sharing with Life Thru The Lens over at Simply Living Photography and Life ‘n Reflection’s Texture Twist and Roses of Inspiration over at The Enchanted Rose. Stop over and take a peek at what everyone is sharing. :)

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As I continue my reading through the Bible in a year, we are in Proverbs.

Proverbs 18 10

A scripture gift for you if you like…you can download it HERE or just right click and save.

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God Gave Me A Rose

Rose Poem by Trabonet aka Peabea

A poem I wrote under the name of Trabonet in early 2000. When enjoying my rose bushes and messing with them, this poem came to mind because of always getting jabbed by those thorns when I’d try to cut them for putting in a vase. It reminded me of how we should treat a love one or how to treat children (especially as they struggle in their teenage years, and we adjust to how to mentor to their needs). We hold too tight and sometimes children push back.