Inhibitions and Innocence

Innocence Definition

• The state, quality, or virtue of being innocent, as:
a. Freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of knowledge of evil.
b. Guiltlessness of a specific legal crime or offense.
c. Freedom from guile, cunning, or deceit; simplicity or artlessness.
d. Lack of worldliness or sophistication; naiveté.
e. Lack of knowledge or understanding; ignorance.
f. Freedom from harmfulness; inoffensiveness.

When we are born we are so fresh and new that it is amazing. We have no shame, no remorse, no prejudices, no hatred…simply we have nothing in our hearts, it seems, except love. We love and we love to be loved.

The proof of this as they say is in the pudding. Just be around any small child to know that they are trusting and innocent, and they love unconditionally and they adore knowing they are loved.

They do crave a lot of attention to prove that they are loved as much as the love they are willing to give. It is amazing.

I babysit my grandson, and when visiting his preschool class recently, it was very apparent of how all children exhibit these traits. They were so fun to watch as they interacted with each other and the teacher. For the most part, they followed the rules because that is another trait of children, they like structure. They may fight it, and display the opposite, but I think to them structure means that we care about them.

They were learning their first letters of the alphabet, and singing songs. Each child had brought something that started with the letter “B”, and when asked to come up front to share what toy or item they brought that started with the letter “B”, they did so willingly. Some were bashful, but each child proudly told about their item with no inhibition. They simply are amazing little people.

The teacher had some hand-me-down Halloween costumes so they could have dress up time. They were delighted, and each child tried on many different outfits as they also played. One child even brought me over a hat to wear, and then an outfit that he wanted me to wear, but there was no way I could even begin to fit into that small super hero outfit. LOL

Children interact with each other without judging or the fear of being judged by the other children. A simple hi and what’s your name and off they run playing is usually the norm that you find on any playground.

scribbled by peabea 1-7-2011

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