Birthday Flowers

I can most likely count on one hand the times that I’ve received flowers in my lifetime..okay maybe on two hands. I’ve just always been the practical one and told hubby and family I can’t see spending the money on flowers that only last about a week. Mostly though, my reasoning was that when young, we actually couldn’t afford to be sending flowers. When the children were grown, they had heard me say that and the reason for telling them was that I knew they really couldn’t afford to be spending their money on lavish flowers for me.

I can tell you though, there is nothing like the flower truck arriving and the thrill of wondering who the card will say they are from, and what special greeting will be on the card. So when the flower truck arrived a couple of week ago for my birthday, I was pleasantly surprised to see flowers for my birthday from my daughter. She later told me that she knew I didn’t like receiving flowers, but that I’m hard to buy for since I most usually just buy the things that I want.

I hugged her and told her how happy they made me when the guy delivered them, and that I really do love flowers and my reasonings.

Anyway, for the past week or so, I have delighted in looking at these beautiful Lillies that she picked out, and she knows that I love the look of clear glass so the vase was an added treasure.

Today, I just had to share them. The photos have not been added to or photoshopped…it is simply just pictures of my beautiful birthday flowers from a dear daughter who made my day extra special.

Enjoy the Lillies that I’ve now added to my patch!!




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