Never Buy a Greeting Card Again

I’ve always loved making my own greeting cards for Birthdays, etc. ever since computers first came out, but now with Scrapbooking…they are so much more pretty and cost very little. Once you’ve gotten into Scrapbooking, you’ll already have some supplies that can be used for various projects.

I’ve added an example of the Birthday card that I made for my daughter.

I started by collecting some of her photos from when she was little and on up to some of her as new mom.

I downloaded and printed some of the scrapbooking backgrounds from the Epson site (they’re free) and used card stock and some papers purchased from the local hobby store. Once I had arranged all my pages, I used cardstock for the front and back. I scored the pages with a handy little gadget so that they would be bendable pages and finished by making holes that I could run my ribbon through to tie it all together. Instead of purchasing a punch to make the holes for my brads to go through and hold it together, I found one of the steel darts from our dartboard and used that.

Please leave a comment so I know you’ve been and I can come visit you. And, if you have any favorite craft tip or website, please feel free to link up your website in the comment section so others can visit and enjoy your crafts.

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