The Texture Tuesday for 4/3/12 is to use one of Kim Klassen’s textures and utilitze the word Soft. My Soft photography submission is below.

I added my own shape from my Adobe program and then a clipping mask, and overlay of Kim Klassen’s texture called ‘Embrace’.

You can find all of Kim Klassen’s textures and the Texture Tuesday submissions at

Please leave me a comment so I know you were here to check out my Tuesday Texture and advice for photoshopping is always welcome. Thanks…




4 thoughts on “SOFT

  1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. genie if you visit she has all kinds of wonderful freebies and tutorials on photoshopping. I started learning the clipping mask from her site, and then had to experiment on my own to see if I could use it on my pictures and photoshop. Again, thanks everyone for visiting and I so appreciate leaving me a comment.

    ~smiles ‘n giggles~ and have a great day.

  2. WOW! This is wonderful. Maybe one of those days I will learn how to do a clipping mask. I have read and read and know how the process is supposed to work, but sadly I am a total failure at it. So, I get to enjoy works like gals like you who get it. One of these day….keeping my finger crossed. I really love the picture. genie

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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