Texture Tuesday 4-2-13

let the bubble fun begin for TT

For Texture Tuesday that I’ll be posting on Kim Klassen’s site, I decided to use my photo of the bubbles that grandbabykins was blowing Easter week-end. This week’s was a free and easy texture. All you needed was to use one of her textures applied to your photograph. I applied her happyheart texture that can be found for free on her site, applied text, and some flower brushes.

Enjoy and please check out the other offerings on her site texturetuesdaysbutton..and as always, love when you leave comments or feel free to critique my photo.

Thanks and Happy Tuesday

~smiles ‘n giggles~



7 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday 4-2-13

  1. Thank you all for visiting and I love that you left a comment. I try to make it to most of the Texture Tuesday posts and leave comments. I haven’t done Texture Tuesday for a bit, but am trying to get back into the swing of it.

    Thanks again for visiting my Photography Patch
    ~grins ‘n giggles~

  2. So pretty, I love bubbles! Love the gorgeous colours of the bubbles and how they stand out so beautifully against the neutral background. Beautifully done.

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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