Springtime ‘n Flowers

waking up copy


Awake copy


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10 thoughts on “Springtime ‘n Flowers

  1. Very pretty! I love how you captioned them “waking up” and “awake.” Really clever!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment on my toad house post. Your story was so cute! I hope your grandbabykins enjoy making a house for your resident toad! 🙂

    1. I know he’ll be excited to make one…and hoping we find the toad again that hopped away. The daughter tried to get close-ups also as you said, and he hopped away. 🙂

  2. Such a dainty little rose blossom in that first shot. Love the processing! I don’t have good luck with roses so I appreciate everyone else’s shots.

    1. I don’t have luck either Lisa…I was surprised to see that they came back this year because last year, I think I had one bloom and it didn’t even last a day. I’m not a green thumb person at all. Thanks for stopping by..

    1. Thanks Betsy for visiting and commenting. I like your idea of maybe on a plaque or as a transfer…hmmmm. 🙂 The background I used on that one is from Rita’s Coffee Shop Blog at http://thecoffeeshopblog.com in her vintage papers. It has a flower on it also, but my flower covered it.

    1. Hey, thanks sassy for visiting and commenting. We love comments…:) Roses and Dahlias are my favorites, but I tend to not be a green thumb so they’re lucky if they make it at my house so I am amazed that I have some blooms coming on the rose plants this year and they woke up. ~smiles~

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