Quotography ~ SUNSHINE

Sunshine by Peabea Texture Tuesday


Some that have visited said they couldn’t read my poem so I’ve added the words below.

The Warmth

The Nature of your Love

Warms me as no other

Rays of Sunshine

Your hug

Your arms embrace

Encompasses my Happiness

And assures me I am Safe

 I dream of your Face

As I soak up the Sun

And await once more The Warmth of your Hug

By Peabea

This photo that I took at the end of last Summer was the one I decided to use for my first time submitting to Quotography because the field of flowers seemed a perfect place to be soaking up the Sunshine among all the colorful flowers.  Since I didn’t find a quote that I liked to go with my picture, I added my own Poem, and hopefully each part can be taken as a quote on its own.

I used Kim Klassen’s KK_May texture for sharing with Texture Tuesday.

I love sharing my crafts in The Patch, but would also love to have some Guest Crafters share theirs. If anyone has a craft they would share, I’d love to feature you on my site and share with others including my Facebook Friends. Please let me know in the comment form below. ~Thanks-a-bunch~

Sharing with

quotography and


Tuesday Muse

My original picture.


If you’d like to visit Quotography, and submit a quote/picture of your own, the address is http://cupeno.wordpress.com/

Thanks for viewing

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6 thoughts on “Quotography ~ SUNSHINE

  1. Hey I really like it. Amazing stuff!!! What a great idea. I guess you’re using Photoshop. Please take a few minutes to check out my efforts if you have the time. All the very best. Shaun.

    1. Thanks Shaurn for visiting. Yes, I finally broke down and bought Adobe CS5 and Elements. Afraid that it for me for now because they upgraded right after to CS6 and Lightroom. Still though, having fun learning about it. I tried to visit you, but when I click on your info above, I couldn’t find your site, but I’ll keep trying. Happy Tuesday, and love that you stopped by.

  2. That quote is beautiful! And I love what you did with the processing of your shot. Very creative! So glad you’re participating in Quotography. 🙂

    1. Thank you Lisa. I wasn’t sure if that was okay to do a Poem type instead of a Quote, but I really look forward to finding some Quote appropriate to go with my photos for the Quotography to come. Thanks for visiting and love when people comment. ~thanks-a-bunch~

    1. Thanks Kelley…I think I’ll really enjoying adding Quotography to the sites I visit and participate. Enjoyed visiting your site and your books list. I share my reading and writing on http://peabea.net but have been kinda lazy about keeping that site up lately. Thanks for stopping by my Patch 🙂

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