Glimpse~Things to Come

Blizzard copy-001

Softly blows the breeze

That whispers through the trees

As snowflakes fall; each unique shape circles around

And eventually makes it to the ground

As one by one they pile atop another

As the whisper turns to a growl

The snowflakes dance and swirl

Painting the trees and landscape a luscious white

As fast and furious as a painter’s brush

using the World as his Canvas ~

and he names it


by Peabea (Patricia B)

(c)opyright 2013 September

Layered with KK_Stamped Softly at 57% to share with Texture Tuesday and Tuesday Muse. Visit these Memes for all the wonderful photography shared.

Enjoy!! and thanks for stopping by

peabea patch w ribbon


15 thoughts on “Glimpse~Things to Come

  1. Thanks to all who posted a comment. I posted this for Tuesday (Texture and Muse), and on the day I posted, we had record breaking hot in the 90’s. I use to love the snow, but not so much anymore, but the heat yesterday was also unbearable when I ventured out to the store. Thanks a bunch for all who stopped by whether they posted a comment or not. 🙂

  2. Well I doubt it will be here in the desert but it would be a nice change for us. Enjoy your snow when it comes. I sometimes wish I could take those images I see but then again not to be out in it will cold fingers. You never can have it all can we? Lovely image and looking forward to more.

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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