Glimpse~Things to Come

Blizzard copy-001

Softly blows the breeze

That whispers through the trees

As snowflakes fall; each unique shape circles around

And eventually makes it to the ground

As one by one they pile atop another

As the whisper turns to a growl

The snowflakes dance and swirl

Painting the trees and landscape a luscious white

As fast and furious as a painter’s brush

using the World as his Canvas ~

and he names it


by Peabea (Patricia B)

(c)opyright 2013 September

Layered with KK_Stamped Softly at 57% to share with Texture Tuesday and Tuesday Muse. Visit these Memes for all the wonderful photography shared.

Enjoy!! and thanks for stopping by

peabea patch w ribbon


15 thoughts on “Glimpse~Things to Come

  1. Thanks to all who posted a comment. I posted this for Tuesday (Texture and Muse), and on the day I posted, we had record breaking hot in the 90’s. I use to love the snow, but not so much anymore, but the heat yesterday was also unbearable when I ventured out to the store. Thanks a bunch for all who stopped by whether they posted a comment or not. 🙂

  2. Well I doubt it will be here in the desert but it would be a nice change for us. Enjoy your snow when it comes. I sometimes wish I could take those images I see but then again not to be out in it will cold fingers. You never can have it all can we? Lovely image and looking forward to more.

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