Gift Card Stocking

Gift Card Stockings from Crap I’ve Made’s Blog

I got the pattern for these from Crap I’ve Made’s blog site. She has lots of really cute crafts there. Anyway, these were so easy to make that I actually couldn’t stop and made about a dozen. On some, I added the name in glitter of my grandbabykins to hang on my Christmas tree this year. The fun was that I could use up some of my scrap materials to make since I didn’t think that they actually had to be Christmas theme. The six year old grandbabykins liked the idea so much, and his that I made, he wanted to take one home for his tree at home plus he decorated his own with glitter. Bonus…kids would have fun decorating them with glitter or adding their special touches after you make some.

If you like to sew and do crafts, visit ‘Crap I’ve Made’s’ page for the tutorial and pattern for these, and have fun!!!  You’ll love browsing her site for other crafts to make.

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Stockings on the cute!!

Stockings on the tree…so cute!!


4 thoughts on “Gift Card Stocking

    1. So true on the blog name…it is different, but I loved her stocking idea so had to make some, and then I made more and more since the pattern was so easy. Love that you stopped by and left a comment. Thanks. 🙂

  1. I wish I could sew. Is this one you can do with needle and thread, do you think? I believe it to be a great idea! Very cute and a remembrance along with it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Definitely could be sewn by hand. If you go to the link up above for directions, there’s the template and actually, you just cut two, sew around and leave and opening in the foot part enough to turn the fabric right side out, and then just fold down the top for the cuff. Let me know if you need better instructions and I’ll make diagram for you of how to sew together.

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