Across The Field

across the field for TT

The view across the field and down the road from my house. This is not this year, but the snow has fallen and it looks the same. Each time I look across the field with the bare tree line, it reminds me of a painting. What gorgeous work the artist Mother Nature and our Lord does. I love looking out at the snow with the world all white and clean like a renewing. When Fall is over and the leaves are gone and before the winter season starts with the snowfalls, it is like the world is kind of sad, and then the glorious snow starts falling, and the world is bright again.

This week and last, the snow is falling…I’m having a good time this year as we head into the holiday season getting back to the basics of what Christmas is all about. I’ve been doing the Advent Study with the Good Morning Girls and enjoying getting back to reading Scripture, which I had let go by the wayside in the past few years. Enjoying my memories of the childhood Christmases with my mom who couldn’t provide and how the small things were appreciated even as a child. I had two sisters, and she was newly divorced, but such fun we’d have going to the corner store at Christmas and dragging a cut Christmas tree three blocks back home to be decorated. I now know the lovely people who owned that store gave the tree to us, but at the time I assumed we’d paid for it. Life was simple, and I now know that maybe it wasn’t so simple for my mother, but she never let it show. She sang, we made paper circles to hang on the tree and we loved every minute of that time. Christmas morning I don’t remember presents being under that tree, but the memories of magical Christmases still remain. Family is Christmas to me.
As time went on and I had my own family, times were better for my kids, they got to be spoiled by gifts, but I tried to keep some of those traditions.

My wish is for everyone to have a blessed & fun holiday season and enjoy the smiles that we see on children’s faces and the light in their eyes as they enjoy the wonder of Christmas. Their faces are a gift to the world as we find gifts in many forms and different places.

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19 thoughts on “Across The Field

    1. Thanks joshidaniel…glad you could visit. Coming from such a wonderful photographer, I cherish the comment on my photo. Thanks a bunch. πŸ™‚

  1. I love your beautiful story. Too many of us forget the true meaning of Christmas and your words were a gentle reminder that our lives are what we make of them. We may not have everything we want but most of us do have everything we need. We have our families! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Oh my goodness Pat, this is so lovely! The framing of the shot is beautiful. I also want to say I enjoy and appreciate the words that accompany you photos. I agree, our Lord blesses us with so many wonderful visual blessings. Snow being one of them…just wish it came with warmer temps! πŸ™‚ I have a bloggy award for you over at my place. I hope you and yours are having a blessed Christmas season.
    Visiting from Texture Tuesday.

    1. Thanks Lisa…although I have to admit the frame is from the wonder Coffee Shop Blog…she has some wonderful freebies like actions and textures and frames at her blog Glad you visited…

    1. Hello Pride…Happy Tuesday to you also and hope you have a great holiday season and 2014. πŸ™‚ Look forward to visiting you and all your photography tips next year.

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