Puppy Surprise

My niece decided in 1971 that our 5 year old might like a puppy. There was only one left in the litter of Scottie Terriers, and she brought it for us to see. Naturally, he fell in love with it and so did I so we said yes. It was about 3 months old and only weighed about 2-3 lbs. It was so tiny. Then, we had to take it by the Gas Service Station that my hubby managed to see if it was okay (mind you it was already a done deal with my 5 y.o. and me so he was already out voted). hahaha

When we arrived at the Station, the 5 y.o. told everyone that this less than a couple of pounds dog was his watch dog. Made for great laughs all around. He even had the puppy on a leash. 🙂

That was at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Hubby comes home, we all play with the puppy and then have supper. It’s the normal bath time for the littlekins and then off to bed. Hubby and I enjoy the normal Sunday night movie, and then we head to bed.

He had hardly been to sleep but for about half an hour when I woke him with Surprise….we need to head to the hospital. I’m in labor. He, of course, asks are you sure. I’m not an expert or anything after only having one child, but I thought, “Yes, I’m sure”. The part that I didn’t tell him was that I’d been in labor all afternoon, but was ignoring it because after having the first child and hours of labor, there was no way I was heading to the hospital early. My mistake.

We rounded up the 5 y.o., took him to the Aunt to keep while we went to the hospital. The hospital was at least 40 minutes away. By that time, I was in severe labor. We arrived at the hospital around midnight, and the second son was born about 1/2 hour later. Yep, pretty sure I almost waited too late. They rushed me past all the other women that had been in labor for several hours or more.

The next day we called the Mother-in-Law that was coming to stay with the 5 y.o. while I was in the hospital and hubby worked. Back in those days, you were expected to stay a few days if not a week.

During that call, we had to tell her, ‘Surprise’, you not only get to take care of the 5 y.o., there’s also a new puppy at the house that you get to watch, and we really appreciate if you start the house training. She was a trooper.

Okay, the puppy arrived one day as a pet for the 5 y.o., and our 2nd son was born very early the next morning. The 5 y.o. loved the new puppy, but in the end the puppy actually became more attached to the baby that arrived the day after the puppy found his new home.

Our Monday’s Child (the new baby brother) who turned 43 this January…(the puppy that we named Smokey lived to be 14).
Monday's Child Jerry

Monday’s child is fair of face.

Prov. A child born on Monday will be good-looking. (This comes from a rhyme that tells what children will be like, according to which day they are born: “Monday’s child is fair of face, / Tuesday’s child is full of grace, / Wednesday’s child is full of woe, / Thursday’s child has far to go, / Friday’s child is loving and giving, / Saturday’s child works hard for a living, / But a child that is born on the Sabbath day / Is blithe and bonny, good and gay.”) Joan is so pretty, she must be a Monday’s child. Monday’s child is fair of face.
Our five year old (Friday’s Child) with his new puppy. He is now 48.
Love times two
Johnny bday

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