Times Two

Love times two

This was the first puppy (a Scottie Terrier) when our son was five. The puppy arrived on January 3rd of that year, and his baby brother arrived the next day (another story) for my writing at http://peabeascribbles.wordpress.com. The puppy was named Smokey. The son in this picture is now 48  as of New Years Eve, and the puppy lived to be 14 years. I titled it ‘Love times two’ because naturally the son was so loved and the puppy stole all our hearts.

Sharing with Texture Tuesday. Textured with kk_1216 and pdpa old world charm 4 from Pixel Dust.

Hope everyone is having a good 2014 so far. We’re staying warm so far as Ohio plummets into the below zero temperatures.

Thanks for stopping by, and love when I get comments so comment away. 🙂 or even critiques are welcome.


peabea patch




16 thoughts on “Times Two

  1. Oh, that’s lovely!! Such a cute picture and beautiful use of texture. So nice to hear the story behind the picture, too.
    Glad to hear things are warming up! We are, too, but “warm” at this time of the year is still below freezing! Still, it feels a lot better than -40!

    1. So nice to see you stopped by for a visit. Thanks. It was strange to think that weather in the below freezing seemed warm today, but after the minus temps and some sun, it felt nice to get out and about. 🙂

    1. It was the middle son’s birthday (actually, it was both their birthdays since they’re 4 days apart) and was looking for something for a post on my writing blog for him and it took me down memory lane with photos. Since the cold, haven’t been outside for snow photos and had a new texture to try. I’ve loved photography since I won my first camera selling flower seeds ~ a brownie and year’s supply of film when I was in grade school ~. Been trying to sort through for the kids to give them their own for memories.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kelly. They are colder than it’s been in quite a few years. Use to be this way more, but we’ve been spoiled by mild winters lately. My son moved to CA this past summer, and he called during the cold snap and said they should start saving so dad and I can come out there and spend the winter next year. hahaha Temps are heading back to the plus side and 30’s starting today so we’ll feel like it’s a heat wave. 🙂

  2. Awww, what a sweet, sweet memory. And a happy belated birthday to your *little boy*! Our sub-zero temps are warming into the 40s later this week. WooHoo! Goodbye snow and ice.

    1. I second the WooHoo! Starting today we’re back into the double digits plus side. I’m so ready to see if the car will start and get out of the house for a bit. The gym and shopping are calling my name. 🙂

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