California Surprise and Little Friend

Bird at Bodega Bay Textured

In March my wonderful daughter surprised me with a phone call asking if I would want to fly to California with her to visit her brother (my son) who moved there last Summer (she was paying). It was her son’s Spring break from grade school, and she had a week’s vacation. Neither of us had ever flown, and I was apprehensive before giving an answer because I’ve always swore I would never, ever fly on a plane. When young, I wasn’t afraid of heights, but over the years had become moreso. She was surprised when I said right away that I would go. She said she thought I would say no because of my fear of flying. I will admit the weeks leading up to the date we were to fly out, I was wondering what in the world am I doing. Will I have a panic attack? Will I not want to fly back home and then have to rent a car or something? Will I just have to call the hubby and tell him I cannot fly back so I’m staying indefinitely? 🙂

Reasons I said yes.

  • I knew that since it was her first time flying that as a mom there was no way I was letting her go alone even though she is 30 years old, and the grandson is 7. I would have worried too much about it. That was mainly my reason for saying yes.
  • My son’s daughter is the newest grand-daughter of just over one years old, and I hadn’t seen her since she was only a few months old.
  • After the frigid cold winter we’d just been through and having cabin fever, I was ready to go anywhere even if it meant taking a plane.

So, off we flew. It was thee most amazing thing, and I swore I’d never look out a plane window, but I did and it was awesome. And, hubby had to put up with me because I did make the flight back home.

California is beautiful and if I were younger, I think I would have no problem moving there. The little fellow in my photo was so obliging when my son took us to visit a Lighthouse. He just sat there as if posing for the few pictures that I took of him.

Sharing with Texture Tuesday and is textured with Kim’s kk_0603.

Happy Tuesday, and thanks for visiting. I hope you can leave a comment on your way out. 🙂 Love knowing I had visitors.


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12 thoughts on “California Surprise and Little Friend

  1. When California is your destination, you go . . . even if by airplane. I am from California and seeing the seagull brings all the sights and sounds of the ocean back to me. It is a state of mind. No matter where you are, California is in your heart.

  2. Sounds like you had a marvelous time and well worth getting over the fear of flying. I’ve flown before but am really not that thrilled with it ( a few bumpy flights) but one can over come for something that is worthwhile.

  3. I’m so glad you got on that plane! I live in California and highly recommend it 🙂 The bird in your photo has thousands of relatives where I live. Ha ha! Now that you’ve flown once, you can do it again!

  4. so glad you took the flight to my home state or what I feel is my home state as I lived there for almost 40 years before moving to the desert. It is a beautiful state and so glad you got to see it and your newest granddaughter and to sh are it with your daughter and grandson. I know your son was so thrilled to have you. Your image is wonderful

  5. Congratulations on taking that flight! It must have been so hard for you, but a mom will do anything for her family! It’s so great that you enjoyed it! Lovely shot of the gull!

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