Dahlia Droplets

Dahlia dew drops

Sharing ~ over at Floral Love ~ a photo of one of my favorite flowers from my garden a few Summer’s ago ‘The Dahlia’ .  This photo I’m sharing is straight out of camera..no texturizing. I just loved how it turned out with the water droplets adding to the loveliness of the flower. (and as always if you click on the picture you’ll get a better view of the photo)

Love how hardy the Dahlia is plus the fact you can save the bulbs to replant the next year.

Visit Mona’s Picturesque for all the Floral Love that is happening. I only wish we could smell the awesome fragrances that would be emitted from that site with all the lovely floral offerings.

Love that you stopped by and come back soon.

~ More Dahlia love below ~

Pink Dahlia


Some fun with black and white

But below is thee most Precious Floral Love of all. When my grandbabykins brings me these flowers and says…”grandma I picked these for you”

Beauty in a Moment





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