Make A Wish ~ Poof

Make a Wish with frame

Remember as kids when the Dandelions’ yellow turned to these Puff-Balls as we called them, and we’d make a wish and Poof ~ blow them off in the wind?

And of course remember the jokes kids loved to tell- “What’s black and white and red all over?” (the newspaper..hahahahaha) The grandson recently bought a book of jokes and was having so much fun reading some of them to me. It brought back memories of the easy life and fun of a kid again and all the space out in front to look forward. I’d forgotten most of those kid’s jokes.

My original photo before it was textured with Kim’s kk_stamped softly


Sharing my Puff-Ball for Black and White Texture Tuesday  and over at Floral Love.

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~ Happy Tuesday ~





19 thoughts on “Make A Wish ~ Poof

  1. Peabea, this is such a fantastic shot of a dandelion puff! I love how soft it looks and the detail. You captured it perfectly. Sorry I’m so late getting here! It’s been a rough month.

  2. My 8 year old has a similar book so we’re enjoying the same kind of jokes! Love this image and how you’ve processed it, looks like a firework. 🙂

  3. Wow, you just brought back memories, there was something about holding the dandelion under your chin. It’s a tease right now for me, I will have to look it up. Love the detail in your dandelion.

  4. I love how the texture accented the depth of the dandelion. It’s really quite beautiful! Nicely done!

    1. Yes, many times destroying a pretty flower to find the answer to love. Also when twisting the stem off an apple and saying the abc’s to know the initial of the first name of the one you’d marry. hahahahaha

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