Cactus Blooms n Lilly collage framed

The Cactus that my sister gave me last year has bloomed. I never knew they had such pretty blossoms, and I’m lovin it because I’m just not a green thumb and when anything blooms, well, I’m amazed! lol

Sharing over at Floral Love with all the others that share their beautiful flower photography.

❤ that you stopped by Peabea’s Patch.




14 thoughts on “Cactus

    1. Hi Ida…Thanks. My sister has had hers for a while now and much bigger than the ones she gave me last year, but I’ve enjoyed seeing them bloom. They’re all gone now..didn’t last very long, but pretty while they were here. Love that you visited. 🙂

    1. They do, Gunilla. I was happy to see them bloom this year. Would love to have more now that I’ve seen the blossoms and in a different variety of color. 🙂

    2. Thanks glad you visited and left a comment. They were so pretty, but all gone now so I’m glad I captured my first Cactus blooms on photos. 🙂

    1. It has been somewhat cloudy here also Sartenada and it has rained at least once a day. The weather here in Ohio is warm, but welcome after the frigid winter we had. Thanks for visiting.

  1. Hello!
    Nice that you have left a love message. The cupcake is (unfortunately) not real, but it looks good enough to eat ☺
    The cactus flowers are amazing and have a beautiful colour. I also did not know that a cactus can have so many flowers.
    Best regards and until next time

    Ulli from Germany (Ulli´s Welt ♥)

    1. Hugs sweet lady. Thanks for stopping by. Iris gave me this after I saw how pretty hers was last year. She has all kinds of flowers and doesn’t hardly do anything to keep them going. I just don’t know that much about flowers. Is yours yellow also?

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