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Textured with kk_waterfront 28 and kk_flow. Sharing with Texture Tuesday.

It is my calling to treat every human being with grace and dignity, to treat every person, whether encountered in a palace or a gas station as a life made in the image of God.

~Sheila Walsh~

My Zinnia seedlings finally bloomed. Been trying my hand at drying flowers again. I use to all the time, and since I’m doing the Postcrossing, I thought a dried flower would be a nice addition to any postcard sent. However, this Summer my garden is kind of sparse ~ more full of weeds than blooms it seems. Summer gets ahead of me and by August, I admit I get a lot lazy about pulling weeds.

Below are some Bachelor Buttons and couple Zinnia that I’ve dried already.

2014-08-18 14.58.14

Thanks for visiting. Comments are always fun to read so drop one off before you leave if you have time. Also, if you have a technique for drying flowers that you want to share, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks…:)


11 from Singapore

Sharing one of the latest Postcards that I’ve received. This one is from Singapore. I’m loving participating in Postcrossing.

15 thoughts on “Zinnia

  1. Zinnas are one of my favorite sumer flowers to photograph. The detail in the petal patterns is so amazing. The quote is also one we all should remember when faced with difficult people in our lives. It’s hard, but what we should do.

  2. Zinnias are such fantastic flowers to photograph! I love the detail in the centers. And they simply scream SUMMER! I needed the Scripture passage…..I try and live that way but some people really push the boundaries to that way of thinking, don’t they?! Thank you for a lovely post.

    1. Thanks for visiting Lisa. I only have one pot of the Zinnia and wish I’d planted more seeds. It took a while for them to sprout and bloom, but I did plant them late. Love cutting them. So glad you stopped by. 🙂

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    1. Hi Artful … Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my Zinnia post. Love reading comments on my site and appreciate all visitors. 🙂 Have a great week-end.

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    1. Thanks Ida…I only dry the flowers that can be hung upside down in a dark place. Some won’t dry that way, and I’ve been pressing them between paper towels with a heavy object on top so that I can include them in a note card. Thanks for visiting me….appreciate it. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week.

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  3. I love Zinnias! One year I planted a bunch and then was told that they made nice cut flowers for people, and that as long as I cut them, new ones would come out. That year I sent flowers to everyone I knew and was quite popular! Next year, I’ve got to do that again! Love your site, PB!

    1. Hi Beth

      Thanks for visiting my Zinnia post. I wondered about the cutting of the Zinnia plant. I’ve been doing that and hoping more would appear. It’s been a while since I’ve had Zinnias in my small flower bed. I’m hoping more will bloom so I can cut some as well as trying to dry them. I’ve never used the method of drying covering with sand and I think that does better with the Zinnia. I’ve just been pressing them so far.

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    1. Hi Mother Hen…glad you stopped by. True, I love having the flowers, but this year I didn’t really plant any. I usually do the annuals. I’m not very good about knowing my plants. The grandbabykins and I had started some from seeds and that’s the only ones I have now. His bachelor buttons bloomed, and the zinnia was the only seeds that grew for me. He loves seeing his flowers when he visits.

      1. Hi! I planted Zinnias one time from seed and they grew ever so nicely. Other times I have bought Zinnia plants and they didn’t do as well. I am not that familiar with flowers. I know some but now that we live in Oregon I am curious as to what may grow well until it gets cold. I was wondering what you will do with your postcards, I put some in picture frames and now am not that excited about the frames and want to do something different to display them. I kind of like the idea of string and then using small clothes pins to hang them, somehow. They are all so different and colorful..

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