Hello Fall

Hello Fall for TT

Although this evening and this week hasn’t felt much like Fall. It is only in the 50’s and 50’s and 40’s at night. Brrrrr…chilly already. I usually really like Fall the best, but it is cooling off too soon.

The leafs for my vase I picked up when I took the grandbabykins to the park after school. I slathered Mod Podge on them to see if they would keep better without curling. So far, so good.

I applied Kim’s bakin texture and sharing with Texture Tuesday.

Which season is your favorite?

Have a Blessed week and Happy Tuesday


29 thoughts on “Hello Fall

    1. Hi Sylvia, thanks for visiting. So far the Fall has felt more like going straight into winter here in Ohio. Already only in the 50’s and today is only 45. I miss my slow cool down of Fall. Hopefully, it will return to the 70’s for a bit. It has rained a bit every day and first part of next week looks the same. You have a wonderful Fall season also. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Ida

      Nice to see your visit and comment. Thanks so much. When I was gathering the leaves, my grandson said he remembered how when he was little (he’s only 8 now haha) how we used the crayon to rub across the paper to see the leaf design that was between the two papers. Couldn’t believe he remembered it. I was going to do a fun craft with him when we got home from the park, but he was only there for a bit after school so I went ahead with the mod podge and put them in this little jar. πŸ™‚

  1. I really like your creative touch. Very nice! There were times this summer that I was overheated. So I will zip my lips..lol! I love fall and I like having reasons to buy a new sweater. Each season has it’s beauty and I am more energized when it is cooler and it might bring out the baker in me too…

    1. Hey, really nice to see your visit. I too turn back to some active cooking and baking once the cooler weather arrives. I’m good up until about Thanksgiving because I’ve always been the one to have the dinner, then at Christmas I do a bit less, and then after the first of the year, I really slack off. πŸ™‚

      Visit my blog at Peabea or Peabea’s Patch

  2. This is really eye catching – my eye even was drawn to the inside of the glass to see more color of Fall leaves.. I still have the Fall leaves I’ve gathered being pressed hoping to get a few jars handy for when the grand kids pop on over I have a craft to do with them to be used at Thanksgiving. This is truly a nice work of Art..

    1. Hi Kristeen, glad you stopped by and left me a comment. I think the grandkids make the best part of gathering the leaves. I meant to do a craft with the grandson that day, but he was only here for a bit after school before his mom picked him up. He said next time…haha He’s 8, but still loves to get into my craft things and do projects with me that makes my days worth while. πŸ™‚ Thanks again and so nice to see your visit.


    1. Hi Artful, thanks for stopping by my Patch. Here the leaves have only just begun to fall a bit. I’m really not a big fan of them in bunches because I’m not crazy about raking and cleaning them up. Although, the puppy does love to romp in them and that’s fun to watch. πŸ™‚

  3. Autumn tends to be my favorite because of the riot of color that is everywhere! But I don’t care for the temps when they dip into the 40s and below. Perfect Autumn day is mid 70s with the nights in the high 50s. Yes, perfect! I think I’ll play with some colorful leaves this year. You’ve inspired me! xo

    1. Hi Lisa, I usually like Fall the best, but it is hard to choose. Spring is great too. Summer is a given, but then when it gets too hot, I tend to get really lazy. The leaves are fun for the grandbabykins, which you probably know all about ~ the fun things and crafts that kids love doing with leaves. Thanks for visiting and commenting. πŸ™‚

  4. I love the water color effect you achieved with this! I’m not sure what season is my favorite..hard to choose between fall and spring. Currently, I’m loving our fall weather here though!

    1. Love when I go to my blog and see people have visited. So nice to see your comment there PrairieJill. The effect, I can’t take much credit, it is built into Adobe Photoshop, but I too thought it made the photo look a bit nicer. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by. Appreciated.


  5. Hello sweet lady and Happy Fall πŸ™‚ Your photo is simply gorgoues and the colors speak boldly of Autumn πŸ™‚

    I hope your week is going well! Hugs!

    1. Hi PrairieJill, thanksΒ for stopping by Peabea’s Patch; always fun to see visitors and comments. Yes, I am so not ready for this cooler weather. I enjoy the slow cooling down that Fall usually brings, but I’m sure we’ll have another bought of warm before winter arrives or at least I hope so. We’veΒ already had a couple frosty mornings but I do live out in a rural area so we get those when the town doesn’t. πŸ™‚ Have a great rest of the week. Patricia (Peabea)Β Β 

  6. I see you also did a bit of burnt orange in your photo πŸ™‚ The days are still hot here but finally the nights are cooling off (meaning they are in the 60s or 70s).

    1. Hopefully, we will get a bit more of the 70’s. We actually have turned our heat on and that is unusual. We usually never turn it on until the end of October or first part of November. We even had mid to upper 30’s the other night. Suppose to be bit warmer next week, but rain every day. True on the burnt orange…didn’t think about that. πŸ™‚ Thanks a bunch for visiting.

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