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teacup exchange gifts for blog

What fun it was to receive my package from an awesome lady in South Carolina. Not only did the package contain a lovely tea cup, but the cutest tea pot, some tea, and topping it all off some honey stirrers.



For me, the giving was just as much fun as receiving. I enjoyed finding a lovely teacup, candle, a fun rose photo frame, and since I love to sew and do crafts, I included one of my crocheted doily as well as a hand made pot holder for my package to Diane in Florida.


What a wonderful idea to have a Tea Cup Exchange, and it was all arranged by The Enchanting Rose. So glad I decided to participate. Be sure to stop over to check out all the lovely Tea Cups that were sent and received. You’ll enjoy her really lovely site to visit whether you’re into tea cups or not. ~smiles~
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20 thoughts on “Tea Cup Exchange

  1. Hello Peabea

    it’s lovely to meet you via Stephanie’s Tea Cup Exchange!
    What fun it’s all been, choosing our gifts and posting them off!
    Your matching tea cup and tea pot set is lovely, I don’t see many these days but several years ago I bought one in Paris!
    I’m sure you will have many pleasurable moments enjoying tea from your sweet tea cup.

    Wishing you a very happy weekend

  2. What wonderul gifts you received, Peabea! It’s so fun to see what people choose and to make new friends. I know you’ll enjoy all your special tea treasures.

  3. Hi Peabea, so nice to meet you. Your teacup gift is gorgeous. Love the sweet design and the teapot is precious too. We all have been blessed by this fun exchange and Stephanie’s hosting. She is a dear spirit and friend.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I have so enjoyed my visit here on your lovely blog.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and much enjoyment with your new treasure and friendship.

  4. Hello, I am visiting from my daughters blog, the enchanting rose.
    My you received a lovely gift package! That tea pot is adorable, and I love the yellow.
    Enjoy your treasures.
    Sweet blessings, Debbie

    1. Hi Julie, so glad you could stop by. It has been nice to be in the exchange and find new bloggers with like-mind interests. Hope to visit everyone again soon. 🙂  

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for dropping by my blog. So fun when I open and see comments. The exchange was definitely fun and nice to get acquainted with other tea cup lovers. 🙂  

  5. So glad you enjoyed your tea package! By the way, the tea pot fit into the tea cup! The sticks are wrapped in plastic so need scissors to open but you probably already knew that! SO pretty are the pictures you took too! Love the set-up!! Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry, I not only enjoyed it, I love it. The teapot is so adorable. Thanks for cluing me in because no, I did not realize that the tea pot would sit on top the tea cup. Everything you sent is so precious. It was my first exchange, and you made it wonderful. Yes, I did figure out with my first cup of tea that I had to open the sticks of honey, but I will admit, I did use it as a stir stick as well. haha Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂  

      1. So glad you loved it! Too funny on the honey sticks! 🙂
        I got those from the Carolina Honey Bee in Travelers Rest. I’d picked up other things there too. It’s a cool place and they do have a website!

    1. Hey, thanks for visiting Janet. It was a fun exchange and since I love getting mail, I just had to participate. Anyone can whether you have a blog or not. Maybe next time you and the gals in FL can participate. 🙂 ~hugs~  Visit my blog at Peabea or Peabea’s Patch

  6. Good morning, sweet lady! Your pretty tea pot and tea cup are simply perfect for an afternoon of tea and quiet for yourself 🙂 And what a wonderful idea of using honey stir sticks – I bet that makes the tea taste delightful!

    It was a pleasure having you participate and my heart is blessed knowing you enjoyed yourself. Take care! Blessings to you 🙂

    1. Thank you Stephanie for visiting. This was my first exchange, and it was so fun to prepare and send as well as to receive. Glad I happened upon your site one day. 🙂  

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