Eliyyah white dress gallery wrap butterflies

Little Miss Faith from a photo shoot when she visited grammy. She was dressed and ready for Church in the cutest white outfit.

I applied Kim’s kk_Tuesday, brushed Faith back into the foreground and then ran Gallery Wrap.

Sharing with all the other wonderful photos you’ll find at Texture Tuesday.

Hope you like….:)




    1. Thank you Lisa for visiting. She is so fun, but sadly their job took them miles away from us and hadn’t seen her since she was about 10 months so it was nice they got to visit this Summer for a week.  🙂

  1. What a sweet image! Your soft processing is perfect. At first glance, I thought this was a vintage photo. What an adorable keepsake of this time in her life!

    1. Thank you Viv. I had the camera taking pictures and she just happened to lean against the chair to watch her video, and didn’t realize what a cute pose until I looked at my pictures. Love that you visited. 🙂

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