Destiny Maker

Destiny Maker by Melissa Dugger
Published by WestBow Press
My rating: starstarstar
 The beginning Prologue is intriguing enough to pique the interest as to where the story is going. There are twists and turns along the way. There are points in the story where the author draws your imagination into the beautiful descriptions of the world Katie has entered as well as the ones that make you know you’d never want to go to that world of darkness. This is Book One of The Lost Souls Trilogy. I found the author’s style to be a bit like Author, Kristie Cook’s characters as far as the fantasy illustrations go for the world she takes you into on her quest to find her dad.
Katie is just a young girl in her senior year of high school. She is looking forward to her dad returning home from a year long job assignment in time for her graduation when news arrives that her dad has gone missing. He’s missing miles away from home in another country, and Katie is drawn to the fact that if she waits for others to go find him, it will be too late. She sets out on her own, and isn’t prepared for the destiny that will be asked of her.
I think I have an idea as to where the story will wind up, but so far this first book leaves you wondering and anxious to know more like :
  • How will her Destiny be fulfilled?
  • Will she perish?
  • Will she have the courage to defeat Semonic or will Katie fall to his darkness?
  • Will she let her heart take over and choose between the two men that are sworn to protect her?

There were points in the book where I had to retract to find what character’s story line I was following, but I do feel that the story flows well enough and keeps the interest. The only reason that I can’t give more stars is there were some editing errors after about half way through the book that did cause stumbling, but could be overlooked. Even with those errors though that may or may not been the fault of the author, I would recommend the book is worth the read because of the author’s style of writing that flows, and her story line. Since this is her debut novel, she can only get better.

Book One of the Trilogy is written well enough to ensure the reader will want to know the outcome of the story line.

(Excerpt below is taken from the book description found on the Book Look Bloggers website)
Katie is plagued with visions she can’t understand. It’s not until she enters the spirit realm to find her missing dad that the pieces start to fall into place. A reaping of souls has begun and Semonic, the ruler of Dylonia, won’t stop until every soul belongs to the darkness. Katie must decide whether her soul can accept her destiny. But only the Destiny Maker knows if she will lose her life and possibly her heart.

Destiny Maker is available at the following:
Book Cover image courtesy of Book Look Bloggers resources 
About the Author:
Melissa Dugger has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, specializing in language arts, and is seeking her master’s degree as a reading specialist. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and four children. Destiny Maker, the first book in the Lost Souls Trilogy, is her debut novel. 
You can find more about the author at her website:

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