Buffet Is Open

blue jay food buffet

A grandpa project with the grandson. They recycled a pretzel container into a birdfeeder. It may not be the prettiest bird feeder in the world but the grandson nor did the birds mind. Within a week it is flooded with all kinds of birds not necessarily of a feather.

Love this little guy because he looks like he’s beckoning to his friends to come and eat.

Sharing over at Texture Tuesday.

As we head into the season of Jesus’ Birth, hope you enjoy some Christmas songs to help with the Season’s Bright mood.


13 thoughts on “Buffet Is Open

  1. Great project for the two . . . and a wonderful feeder at the end. The bluejay does looklike he is calling that the feeder is open for business. Wonderful.

  2. Thanks everyone who visited. Love seeing visitors. I’ve spotted a NC Chickadee so far with the birds and hoping to get more pretty ones. In the past years without a feeder, we’ve only had barn sparrows and that’s okay, but do miss the pretty ones. I’ve heard that about Bluejays Dianne, and also seems when my brother was little, they would dive bomb him for some reason, but they’re such a pretty bird. Hopefully, they don’t come in masses and run the others off. We’ve had the doves also, but they don’t visit every day. The grandson, who is eight, was excited to help cut the holes and use a drill. Actually, grandpa decided to try to make a better more attractive one, but when the grandson visited and was so disappointed and wanted to know why, grandpa put the pretzel container bird feeder back out. lol

  3. Blue jays are terribly territorial. They actually tend to fight the other birds, at least in Mass they do. Here in Florida, the birds are eating bugs still. It’s a wonderful warm day (80) & will be thru the weekend. Much better than snow – sunshine is easier to shovel!

  4. Oh the bluejay is just perfect – calling his friends to eat! Great shot, and thank you for the Christmas music and starting the month of December with the special celebration!

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