Friday Finds

Cmas Teapot for Friday Finds

Just what I needed (NOT), but I couldn’t resist this cute Christmas/Winter teapot when I saw it at the Thrift store. With the red and white stripes it reminded me of a peppermint cookie or a delicious tea to be brewed.

My next find is one that I found during the Summer. It’s just a small step stool, but I’d seen larger ones used at a friends house for plants, etc. so when I saw this little one at the Thrift for only a few dollars, I decided I needed it. It had paint on it, but my favorite Fast Orange hand cleaner and a little Barkeeper’s Friend took care of those, and then using Lemon oil, it isn’t too bad. So, first use was for these cute doll sitters that I’d found last year at Christmas, and the cute scarf was a find same time I found the teapot.


Sharing over at Kim’s Friday Finds so stop on over there to see what others have found. 🙂






Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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