5 thoughts on “Our Snowy Morning

    1. Thank you Joshi. This has now been replaced with lots of water as it melted and has rained. You are so talented so I’m happy that you like it. 

  1. It really is pretty, I like it. My little boy has been dreaming of snow and snowmen of late. Just this evening, he picked the peas / beans from his rice and announced he wants to use them to make snowmen! Dreams.
    Wish you a super blessed week.


    1. Hello biolaleye…so glad to see you visited me. Very inventive since he doesn’t have the real snow to use a substitute. That’s adorable. If it wouldn’t melt, I could sure send him some snow. 🙂  Thanks so much for visiting. Have a great week.

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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