April Collage for Mona’s Picturesque

April Collage for Mona's

Didn’t really have much going on this month. My car needed brake line repair so haven’t been out much to take pictures in a while. Thanks to the hubby though who finally got my car fixed. Bless his heart even with his illness, he just keeps plugging along and has been able to work on it since the weather turned nice this week. I am thrilled to have a vehicle again.

I was able to use hubby’s pick-up (I’m short and I don’t really like using it much ~ the climbing in and out) to visit my son’s Church on Easter Sunday. It was an inspiring, joyous message that morning…Praise Jesus. He stayed after, and I drove home the long way and found this covered bridge that I’d been wanting to see. It was such a beautiful sunny day, and after being sick most all of March with the flu, I hadn’t been out so I tarried along the way for a nice drive in the country.

Pop on over to Mona’s Picturesque and share your Month of April collage or just see what others are sharing.

Happy 1st of May….and finally we’re heading into warmer weather. yay!!!



4 thoughts on “April Collage for Mona’s Picturesque

  1. Lovely, lovely shots for April! This is the first time I’ve linked up with her theme….although a bit late! Covered bridges are so unique. They always make for such interesting captures.

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      | | | Hey, how nice to find you in my comments. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Her idea for a monthly collage is great idea to sum up our month in pictures. 🙂   |

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      | | | Stationery, a Yahoo Mail and Paperless Post collaboration |


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