Birthdays and Grandbabies

Nate 18 bday for FB

Playing with Artsy Transfers from Anna Aspness that are so fun so made this for the grandson who turns 18 today.

Play Hard Have Fun Artsy w Anna Apness Comfort

This is the first one I made using Anna’s transfers. This grandson who is 8 is playing Lacross.

Sharing with  1421620653871  Stop on over to that site to see what others are seeing through their Lens. 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday, God Bless, and thanks for stopping by the Patch.


Bachelor Button Oil Pastel

God’s Love surrounds me
each and every day-

He walks with me, talks with me,
and even carriers me along the way-

God’s Love surrounds you in everything you do.
He’s there when you don’t even know ~
when you’ve forgotten how to call on his name-

He’s like the silent partner who’s only there for backing –
except he never chagrins you; even when you fall-

He’ll always pick you up,
dust you off and tell
you to get back to life and what
business you are about.

To Know God’s Love surrounds me,
all I have to do is call (PRAY)

by Peabea

find me at my Etsy shop and at Peabea’s Fun Finds

Vintage Etsy



    1. Hi Lisa, so glad you stopped by. Grandbabies have been more joy than I ever thought when I was young. I also thought I’d never have the empty nest syndrome, but I did. hahaha

  1. Looks like you had a great time putting the Artsy collages together. Eighteen?! Such a milestone….so grown up yet still a long way to go! Love the passage at the bottom of the post.

  2. Great layouts, Pat! I wish I had more time for scrapbooking, as I really enjoy it! I enjoyed your poem. It is right in line with what God is speaking to me this week. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi June, I always like making my own cards, but of late have been lazy about it. It takes much time, and I find that I need one to send out at the last minute. Need to get back to it. Had fun finding the artsy layouts at Anna Aspness’ site. She has some beautiful work. Thanks for liking my poem. I found where I had written it in a notebook, but I didn’t write the date, need to start doing that. I need to post more of my poems. I think I still have some on my blogger site that I don’t update that frequently anymore. Have a great week. 🙂 

    1. Oh, I love to see that you stopped by. Thanks so much. I’m loving visiting your doodles most every day. I look forward to it. 🙂 

    1. Hi artful..I just recently found the new site of Anna Aspness and her artsy. Always fun to play with new things and learn more about photoshop. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    1. Hi Diane, and thanks. The photos are all mine, but on these two they are Artsy layers that I either purchased or were free from Anna Aspness site and then I tweaked them in Adobe to how I wanted them. Hope you’re all well too. It’s finally warming up here so that helps the mood. hahaha

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