Flower Preserve

Pressed Flowers

Love when I get flowers, but hate when they’ve wilted and I have to let them go. So, these I decided to press instead of trying to dry. My grandbabykins in an accident sort of way made me think that they would look like a picture because he moved my stack of books that they were under and they scattered and kind of looked like a picture (see below for his).flowers FS smudged

I didn’t want them to just dry out so I slathered them with mod podge. So far, they have stayed. Not sure how to display them though because if I put them in a frame, I figure the mod podge will either melt or glue them to the glass. Still working on that part, but for now am sharing my craft so far this week.

Puple for TT

Flowers from my daughter that my pressed flowers came from. Textured for sharing withTexture Tuesday using one of Kim’s textures.

Also, a little sewing project. Keeping busy!! 🙂 A pin cushion and pin jar with cushion to match. 😉 Plus in the middle of playing with crafts and photos and crocheting, I did manage to find time to do a little work and I painted the bathroom and put up new border. Only had the paint and border since last summer. Can you say procrastinate???? haha

Pin Cusion

1 John 3 18

Have a blessed week.

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14 thoughts on “Flower Preserve

  1. I always think about pressing flowers as well. But then I don’t know what to do with them either? Maybe they could be coated with a spray clear coat? I dunno. These are so pretty. Hope you find a way to display them.

  2. I haven’t thought about drying flowers in a long time… it is a wonderful way to keep the flowers beauty around longer. I just might find some big books and try it myself. 🙂

    1. Hi writers…so true. They always pressed flowers and put in their Bible. I’ve dried flowers for years, love doing that. Great to add to a note or making note cards. So glad you stopped by and hope all is going great for your guys. 🙂 ~hugs~

    2. Also, your words made me remember my mom. She always told us that when we were young and the styles. She’d say they use to have the same things that we thought were brand new styles in clothes, hair, etc. haha

  3. Well, you’re on my speed with the bathroom paint. I am not a DIYer

    Love your flower drying. It’s gonna be great! I have a sewing machine. Do I use it?? Nope. Sigh…….

    1. haha Diane…I don’t mind the painting, it’s the prep to get started that makes me put it off. I also bought paint to paint the bedroom that my grandson had when he and his mom had to move home for a bit. It is blue, I like white walls, but I caved at the time and let him decide on the decorating, and he went with the Disney cars theme. I told him I was going to paint it white, and he said “no, the blue matches the rug.” Even though he now has his own room in their own place, he still the bedroom at my house his. I love it though as he’s my grandbabykins. 🙂

    1. Thanks…I had never tried mod podging flowers before. Hope they don’t turn. Trying to decide how to display. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thought about against material in a frame, but not sure will work since it is glued to cardstock. 🙂 Have a great week and thanks for visiting.

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