May 2015

May 2015

My favorite photo of the month….grandson being chivalrous…keeping the dress clean from driveway on way to Prom. 🙂


Sharing with Mona’s Picturesque ~ A Month In Photos ~

Come visit and enjoy the posts of others too.

I hope May 2015 treated everyone that’s reading this with kindness.

Prayers for those in Texas who have suffered the storms.

Have a Blessed June 2015.



9 thoughts on “May 2015

    • Hi Abrianna, What a nice surprise to see I had a comment and it was from cowgirlyankee. 🙂 Prom time and such fun dresses. Sadly, I never got to go to a prom. Back in my day, if your boyfriend at the time (my now hubby who is 2 years older than me) didn’t go to same school they weren’t allowed to the prom and my boyfriend/now hubby had graduated by time I was a Junior so he couldn’t take me. Times sure have changed. I think my middle son went to three proms in one year. He took her to his, she took him to hers and then they went to a friends. Thank heavens he did work a part time job and could pay for all the tux he wore. hahaha Have a great week-end coming up. Then, oh the fun of a daughter who had to have the just right dress. But it was all fun, and I miss those days.  

    • Thanks so much for visiting ksidwell2015. We’ve had such strange weather here in Ohio that I hope June is more settled. Nothing drastic, but seems it can’t make up its mind to be cold or hot and humid. I’d like something in between. 🙂 Hope your June is nice. Seems May was gone before it got started.


    • Hi Pride…was glad to see you stopped by. Thanks for the comment. Hope as we head into June that you have great weather and June treats you well. ~hugs~ Peabea 

    • Hi June, I still can’t comment directly on your site, but I found you on Bloglovin and followed you there and could comment as guest. Thanks for visiting me. Peabea 

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