God Gave Me A Rose

Rose Poem by Trabonet aka Peabea

A poem I wrote under the name of Trabonet in early 2000. When enjoying my rose bushes and messing with them, this poem came to mind because of always getting jabbed by those thorns when I’d try to cut them for putting in a vase. It reminded me of how we should treat a love one or how to treat children (especially as they struggle in their teenage years, and we adjust to how to mentor to their needs). We hold too tight and sometimes children push back.




9 thoughts on “God Gave Me A Rose

    1. Oh Artful…not sure I’d really say talented. They just pop into my head sometimes, but not so much lately. I think moreso it happens depending on the mood I’m in and somber seems to bring them out more than happy for some reason. This one was sort of brought on by the rose pricks but also while raising a teenager who was starting to think they could spread their wings a bit early and I was dealing with how to control that without squelching her enthusiasm for life. 🙂 Loved seeing your visit and thanks for the kind words.

    1. Thank you..I’d forgotten some of my poems but found this on a disk from another computer. Need to move them over to this computer. May share more than are already on my Poem page here. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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