Scripture and a Snapshot Sharing

Deuteronomy 6 6-7

Portulaca, one of my favorite dainty little flowers. Love their variety and how they spread, just like God spreads his love for us through his teachings and words.

Today is Father’s Day and I hope all the Father’s are being cherished on this day, and having a good day.
I’m joining in with my Scripture over at A Glimpse of Our Life for the Scripture and a Snapshot link up. Come on over and join in with your Scripture photos or just pop over for a visit. 🙂

Scripture & A Snapshot

Have a great week ahead, and stay dry. We are water logged with rain here in Ohio, but not nearly as bad as other states. But in all my years at my current place, I’ve never seen the flooding in our area like this past week. Prayers for all who have had damage to their homes, lost their homes due to flooding, or even those who recently lost their lives in the Texas floods.



9 thoughts on “Scripture and a Snapshot Sharing

    1. Hi Mother Hen, I use to call them tea roses, but guess that’s something different so then I looked up the name. lol I buy them as an annual, but I find some do come back the next year. They’re so easy, and they spread low to the ground and they like sun and that works for me. Thanks a bunch for visiting me. 🙂 

      1. Ok..thanks for the info.. I really enjoy my visits to you. Mr. G is recouping from shoulder surgery so I am a bit scattered these days..Can you please refresh me on where to get graphics for me to create a logo. I know you suggested a place quite a while ago. I probably have the info somewhere in my comments. Anyway are you rain free? We have balmy lower 70’s kind of weather…beautiful!

        1. This site has lots of tutorials and this link is to one way to make them. You can make them by making a brush you use, starting with a blank file to the size you want your logo and adding whatever pictures, clipart, and the words you would want. I’ve done it lots of different ways. Not sure what program you use. I use Photoshop CS5 and Elements 12 and Paintshop Pro but started with just using Picasa which is a free download. I like making the brush and then I can just add it to my photos each time I want. Hope this helps…

          1. I just checked out the link you gave Mother Hen. Thank you! That looks like something I’ll be able to tap into as well.

  1. Oh, Peabea! PLEASE send some of that rain to us in TN! We need it so bad. I love portulacas. I really should plant some. They do well in full sun and I have an old timey garden that is full sun. I love the verse you selected. I believe many families today need that reminder. So many families find themselves under the same roof but in separate rooms doing their own thing. The wrong message is being conveyed to our children.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog twice today. 🙂 I was honored to have you. Have a blessed week.

    Visited from Scripture and Snapshot.

    1. Hi Marsha…what a wonderful site you have. I enjoyed browsing. How awesome would that be to look out at the mountain every day. Our DIL treated us to a trip there a couple years ago, and was first time the hubby had been there and we drove up the mountain. So glad you visited and left a comment. Thanks. Have a blessed week. 🙂

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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