Milkweed and Weeds

Milkweed & Weeds in Green clip mask

Where we live use to be my hubby’s step-grandfather’s farmland, and when we decided to buy our house, hubby wanted to move on this land that he use to help farm as a teenager. It’s rural, and there were only 9 houses on the road at the time. Over the years we’ve lived here and raised our children, there has only been one house added and that was just recently. It is flat farmland all around us. We didn’t think much of it that there was an auction house right beside us owned by a local family and had been for years. That was fine, and the auctions were only on some Friday nights so it really wasn’t that big of a deal…….that is until they decided to sell. We assumed that whoever purchased it would just take over their business. Not the case. Without going into much detail, I can only say it has not been the best of years. Actually, they purchased it and pretty much just trashed the building and the land. Eventually, they didn’t pay their taxes and it went to sheriff sale. We were hopeful since it was a local business owner in our bigger town that made the purchase. Not the case. That was three years ago, and they have done nothing except let the critters run wild. We’ve actually never seen the new owners.  No mowing, etc., which gets me to my post.

The only blessing in the weed field that I live beside is the Milkweed. It sprouted a couple summer’s ago in what is slowing becoming a forest over there. So, at least the butterflies may come again (and I have seen a few this summer so far). Hence, my photos of the milkweed and weeds next door. 🙂 Also, sometimes weeds can be pretty flowers too…if you stop and really take a look.

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Philippians 4 11-13

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7 thoughts on “Milkweed and Weeds

  1. My dear friend, I am so sorry about the difficulties you have been facing…. May the Lord grant you wisdom and grace as you deal with the issues.

    How fun that you have an Etsy shop! Have you had it long? I will head over there after I leave this comment 🙂 Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

    1. Hi Stephanie…thanks for the blessing of wisdom. I really think the town has given up on that property. It started in the 1990’s, and didn’t remove them or the trash until the 2000’s.

      On the Etsy, I’ve had that for quite a few years, but not always active so decided to put some things back on.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the trials you’re suffering. There’s something very debilitating about having inconsiderate neighbours. It feels really personal when it intrudes into the sanctuary of your home. Wishing you better times ahead with them. Your “weed field” looks beautiful. I’d be delighted if my weeds looked as pretty as yours do. We don’t have milkweed over here in England, but I kind of wish we did … . All the best, Bonny

    1. Hi Bonny….I really hadn’t seen or knew much about milkweed until a couple of years ago when those starting blooming and was curious and researched. Guess they can be dangerous, but also useful? I loved the blooms they have. True on some weeds do look pretty….there can be beauty among even the weeds. 🙂 Oh but you have England….I think that would be so lovely to live there. I think that should have been my birthplace. 🙂

  3. Oh, I can so relate to bad neighbors leaving the property unattended or uncared for. We have been through this so many times, it makes my head hurt! There should be more strict laws against this. We have had to deal with this, even in strict HOA….just ridiculous. How lazy people are. God gives us these as gifts to be taken care of, and people just squander it…very sad. But good for you taking the high road and finding beauty in it. Blessings, Laurie

    1. Thank you Laurie. True, it is hard and very sad and definitely now made our place less desirable for anyone to purchase. It took years for our local trustees to get them to quit allowing dumping, and to finally make them get rid of some junk they were just letting people dump. It was 2 acres that were pretty when we moved here and the auction house kept it all mowed and nice. The latest people paid a pretty sum for it at sheriff auction, and then it has just set there. I did finally find out who they were and got in touch and offered to mow for them when hubby mows, but they never returned the call. The building before too long will probably just fall down, and it was a really nice building. At the time the Auction house sold it, we considered buying but right at the time I was losing my job and things were too tight to make such a purchase. I do think we have some requirements for mowing out here, but since it is farm land and some don’t use there fields, we do have farm fields that aren’t always mowed so not sure if that affects this owner not having to mow.  

      Before too long the trees will take over and at least we may have a nice forest next door. lol  Have a great week and glad to see your visit. 🙂

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