Proverbs 7 ~ Reading Through the Bible

Proverbs 7

As I’m reading through the Bible, I’ve found that we all do it differently. Some journal, some highlight their Bible, some just read their Bible and then comment on the site that is hosting the reading, and then there’s this gal who does some wonderful Doodles of what she’s reading. She’s offered to share her doodles as a PFD printout, either in color or as a coloring page. You can also join the linky party for this month’s reading by using her Proverbs doodles however you would like and sharing them. See her page for all the how to’s. Enjoy.

I Journal and do scripture graphics, and this one I will be sharing over at her site. I hope you give her a visit.

I printed off some of her pages for coloring pages to mail to my grand-daughter. 🙂

Original page from Doodle Through The Bible: but be sure to go visit and download your full page copy at her site.


Thanks for visiting and have a blessed week.


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