Moving Forward

1-2015-07-19 09.25.27

1-2015-07-19 09.25.21

1-2015-07-19 09.25.52

1-2015-07-19 09.25.57

1-2015-07-19 09.26.00

1-2015-07-19 09.26.06

Just some fun with taking photos that appear to be moving forward. 🙂

I so need to get out and take some photos. hahaha besides what’s in the house. Don’t really have new photos to share.

Below is sunrise this morning. The sun looked orange/red, but my camera doesn’t show it how pretty it was as it was rising this morning.

2015-07-26 06.43.34

2015-07-26 06.42.01



    1. Thanks….I didn’t make them. 

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Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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