Saying Good-Bye

Fifteen years of memories jumbled in
the brain that swirl round and
round as we close yet another
chapter in our lives. Some were
great memories of new things tried,
hours spent talking of what excitement
to expect on the journey, watching
children grow into adults along the
way. We will carry the impressions
as a photo negative that is
always present to be developed whenever
the photo is brought to mind,
it’s like the years never end.

Today, my heart melts as we say good-bye to our place at the lake. The place that we love, the camper that was newest and prettiest of all, and the memories flow as we move all things back home. But, the body wears out and even though our minds would still like to play at the lake, it’s just not the same, and with illness; not possible anymore. So today, we pass it along to another couple who seem just as thrilled to receive our place as we were in the beginning. My hope is that they enjoy and have as much laughter and fun there as we have.

The place will no longer be ours, but the memories will jumble in our brain and remain for a while as life goes on to another chapter until all chapters are closed. Sharing just a few memory photos, there are so many over the years since I love photography and usually had a camera in my hand. Happy Friday.

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  1. How tough 😦 We recently went through something similar. Sad to think of our kids growing up and enjoying a place as a family and knowing that our grandkids will not get to have those same experiences. I’m trying to learn to embrace change though and try to see it as the next big adventure and be excited for what blessings might come from them. But sometimes it’s hard lol.

    1. Thank you Tara. As the weeks go by, it is easier to know someone else is enjoying what I loved so much. However, we now have more time on the week-ends and are having the kids and grandbabies over this week-end for a cook out. 🙂 So nice of you to visit. ~hugs~

  2. It’s funny as I am just starting the process of letting go of pictures and other items that I will send to each of my children. It’s time! It looks like you all had a ton of fun..The memories will remain in your heart..

    1. Hey sweet lady, thanks for visiting. Your kids will treasure them. My MIL made an album for my hubby one year, and I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures from his childhood and thought it was an awesome gift. ~hugs~ 🙂

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