Advent – Day 3 Emmanuel



My journal page for Day 3 ~ HOPE-God with us-“EMMANUEL”

Come and worship, worship Christ the newborn King…God is with us.

Happy first day of December. This is basically my first year of delving into Advent.

I’ve been reading and journaling my way through the Bible so doing Advent this year is much more meaningful. I’ve heard, read, known excerpts from the Bible, but never read or understood some of the scriptures. Still don’t on some, but it is a learning curve. There are many miss-communications about the Bible until you actually read it in it’s entirety.

So, Blessings as we head toward that fun time of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and family. ~oh, and presents too~ 🙂 We already received the best present of all with the birth of Jesus, but I’m sure he won’t mind if there are presents under the tree for you and for me. 🙂

~hugs ‘n blessings ‘n giggles~


Sharing over at  His Kingdom Come and you’re welcome to come join us in our study through Advent even if you don’t journal it. Just visit and enjoy the beautiful paintings and postings everyone shares.

Yay, it’s snowing on my page!! A big thank you to WordPress for the lovely snow action they add to the pages each season.



6 thoughts on “Advent – Day 3 Emmanuel

  1. Same here.. I had not done anything particular and then I saw something on tv about nun’s that make and sell advent candles. It perked my attention. I don’t have a lot of options here in this small town, so I came up with my take on it with what I have on hand. I had purchase scented candles and it was over powering, so I had to go with plan B.. I really enjoyed the Enya song.. so beautiful! I am having to embark on some clean up and organization today. I need to donate items that are collecting dust..books and knick knacks.. My goal is to simplify.. Have a wonderful day Peabea!

    1. Hey, nice to see your visit. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. My kids were scarce, but got phone calls and long conversation with those out of town and my daughter’s family came for dinner after she got off work. Christmas will be the same, but one blessing since I don’t have a house full anymore is time to actually do advent. I’m doing it with a group online. I’m trying to do the same with cleaning out things, but then I love to thrift so then I bring back in, but I am even being more cautious with that. Mostly, I look for things I need or can repurpose or craft items. 🙂 Again, thanks for visiting.

      1. We don’t have family members that are close by.. so it’s pretty quiet. I made a dent in my mess yesterday. I have three bags of books to go to our local used book store and another box of assorted this and that stuff that will be useful to someone. I am hosting a small group of ladies on Sunday after church. We will have a bite to eat, a word of encouragement and a craft of decorating a prayer jar.. Just lighthearted fun..

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