Christmas Eggs

Christmas Eggs

Reposting from a couple years ago a Christmas craft to make.

One Christmas around 1974 when bored and not many Christmas ornaments for our tree, I decided to make a diorama out of eggs. Using manicure scissors, I cut the front out of the egg, cleaned out the inside and rinsed it out and let it dry maybe a few hours or even overnight. I then clued any decorations I could find i.e. this one is a Santa cut out of a Christmas card, and then I added cotton so that it looked like a snow scene. I clued yarn around the opening to hide any jagged edge and then clued string to the top for adding an oranment hanger. This Santa egg is one of the first ones I made that year. Every year, I just pack it away with the other tree ornaments. I actually haven’t even been that careful with it. That first year, I even made some, dated them and gave them as gifts.

This year I made some again. I would love to be an artist because I think a talented person could really decorate the insides wonderfully. This craft would even be fun to do to make an Easter decorated tree, which I may try this Easter.

Below are pictures of some of the eggs I made this year. I added pictures of them hanging on my tree.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy this craft and drop me a comment or add a picture to your comment if you decide to try this and let me know how it turns out.

This year these eggs are 41 years old so who would have thought egg shells are that tough. 🙂

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanza or however you celebrate this Holiday Season.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Eggs

  1. Oh, those are so sweet! Forty-one years old? Amazing. And what a lovely keepsake. Wishing you a beautiful Advent season and Christmas celebration.

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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