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90a04-joy2bfind2bquoteMy word for 2015. It was the first time ever that I’d picked a word to concentrate on for the year. I felt that I’d lost some of the Joy of every day life. I’m not sure if people have always picked a word for the year, but it was new and a first to me.

My Word: Joy ~ it can be found in small and large ways. The large Joy in my life continues to be the gift of children. My prayer was always that they’d be safe, they’d grow to be strong, confident and capable people. They have. The next large Joy has been the blessing of grandbabies.

The small Joys can be found in everyday life. A call from an adult child just because they want to talk to mom. A puppy that thinks he runs the show, but loves to snuggle when you need it. A husband that can make me laugh, and has a way of making me always remember the reasons I love him (even if he doesn’t realize he’s doing it.)

The Joy of a sunshiny day when your heart just feels right with the world. A grandchild that climbs up in the rocker with me even though we’ve kind of just met. She trusts because her daddy told her we’re visiting grandma/grandpa. An adult son who gives one of the best gifts a mom could receive. A son who lives in another state miles away who unselfishly gives the time out of his life to come stay and help an ailing father, and brings his daughter so she can get to know us better.

These are just some of the Joys that I documented in my thankful journal for 2015.

JOY is everywhere if you just notice.

My word picked for 2016: RENEW

Create in my a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psa. 51:10 KJV

Renew word of 2016

Renewed Forgiven

Thank you for all who gave a like or a comment or just visited my pages during 2015.

Happy New Year and wishing all a Wonderful and Blessed 2016.






13 thoughts on “My Word

  1. RENEW is a powerful world! The scripture you picked is perfect. Love the reason behind your choice of word this year. I pray He will continue His works in your life and through you many may come to know Him.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! And I love digital scrapbooking, too 😀

    1. Hey, Hi Helen….thanks for visiting. So many things to renew with my attitude as I age so thought that word might be a good one. 🙂 Loved seeing your visit and comment.

    1. Hi Hummie…thanks for visiting. Actually, I kind of did this post backwards so I found most thought my word is Joy. Actually, that was last year. This year, I’m going with Renew; although renew does cover that one again this year also. 🙂

  2. That was so very cool. It really made me think of how adopting one word to focus on can change our outlook on life in general. That teaches me a lot today. Let us know how this turns out for you.

    1. Thanks Beth. It did make me think about the word even though sometimes I wasn’t very Joyful, but that word would somehow pop in there as a reminder. We’ll see how Renew goes. 🙂 Hope all is better for you soon and blessings for your surgery and speedy recovery.

  3. Hi Peabea! Happy New Year to you. May it bring more Joy and Peace for all.. Your artwork is beautifully designed and displayed. Such a talented woman you are… I look for to more creative endeavors and more time spent with our Lord..being still, listening and praying.. xx

    1. Hey lady, glad you visited. Thank you for you kind words. The above is a digital kit I made. Been trying to learn to make some to maybe sell on my Etsy or to just give away. Seems in life I jump from one thing to another. One day it’s sewing, next it’s crocheting or crafting. Been dabbling in some painted backgrounds with the Bible Journaling group, but I’m not really an artist so that’s why I like digital. Hope you had a nice Christmas and looking forward to interacting as we blog our way through 2016. 🙂

      1. You are doing and that is good.. I get sidetracked easily and then I don’t get much accomplished. We had a quiet Christmas..wish it was different but God has it under control. I too look forward with gladness for what’s ahead…

  4. Joy was a great word to select last year. I’ve come to the realization that I, too, have problems misplacing joy in my life. I’ve vowed to work on that for 2016, although that’s not going to be my word for this year. Last year was very stressful living in-between the anxiety of Entrepreneur’s scans and our oldest daughter’s lengthy divorce/custody/visitation trials. Life just seemed to suck the joy right out me. Thank you for stopping by earlier today. Sounds like even though you have been busy, your attitude is still as perky as ever. I’m sorry about the empty nest Christmas and I’m wondering how many years we have left until that happens to us as well. I wish you many blessings as 2016 gets underway, increased faith, abundant joy….and a renewed spirit in everything you endeavor to accomplish! xo

    1. Oh Lisa, sometimes when I visit your posts, I see some shadows of my life and it makes me know that we all have our woes. I do enjoy visiting and catching up with you. I understand on the Divorce arena. Things have settled here for mine for now and I pray it stays that way. They are all happen finally or seem so. I think it was somewhat as difficult for me sometimes to watch them go through the heartache of a divorce (both sons and daughter) and to know what to say and do to help them. Your daughter is so lucky she has you and your hubby for guidance and support. Hope health and all the best for you guys for 2016, and so love when seeing your posts and you visits and comments. 🙂

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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