December Fun~Not

December 2015

I’m thinking there are books about everything happening backwards. Most people have a garage on their home, and then some turn it into a nice recreation or another room of some sort. When we bought our house, the previous owners had turned the attached garage into a room, put in a fireplace and then built another garage that isn’t attached. However, they didn’t do the best of jobs. They didn’t plan well at all, they didn’t raise the floor to match the rest of the house (maybe a good thing after all), and an important thing they left out when they did the fireplace was to first put in a footer. So, that is where I get to the part of my story about things happening backwards. After these 30 plus years, the fireplace and chimney weight was pushing the outside wall off the house foundation. So, we had the fun of tearing it all down, brick by brick and then replacing the wall. Plus side is that it will be turned into a garage again. One room minus and one garage a plus, I think. 🙂

So this is my month in photos for sharing over at Mona’s Picturesque  (be sure to scroll down on her page to find the link of sharings on there by people). Christmas did happen in there, but not a big celebration this year since we were in a mess and the kids had other places to go so it worked out for the better.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas (and did not have to deconstruct rather than construct)…haha…and so far that the New Year is treating you well.

Pop on over to Mona’s to see how others spent their December.

~hugs ‘n giggles ‘n blessings~



5 thoughts on “December Fun~Not

  1. In keeping with Mona’s positive outlook, you got to spend time with family and perhaps created some fun memories of a different kind in the process. It will make for a great story in about a year!

    1. So true Lisa. When grandbaby #2 was born, who would have thought at 18 he would be hanging upside down from the attic floor through the ceiling destroying grandma’s fireplace. haha He and his dad had lots of fun that day because it sounded like lots of laughing going on while they were working. 🙂

    1. Oh Mona, I love that positive outlook. Thank you, and so nice to see your visit and comment. ~hugs~. Loved seeing the picture of your family. Very nice looking.

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