Window beads 1

Or at least I thought intriguing. You know how it is when the weather just doesn’t seem nice enough for an outdoor photo shoot? Well, that’s when I start looking for things around the house to photograph, and that is the way it was the day I took this picture. It is straight out of my camera (no cropping; no photoshop) of moisture beads on my kitchen window. To my eye, it did not look like this, but when I took the pictures from my camera to the computer, some look like tiny shells. Or at least I think so. Always love what the naked eye doesn’t see, but the camera does. I love, love photography. Always have.

Sharing over at Black and White Wednesday. Pop over with your photos and join the fun or just browse what others are sharing.

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  1. I love it when we find inspiration in the most uncommon of places. The macro shot of the water beads makes for a lovely texture. Hope you are staying warm.

  2. It is intriguing Peabea! We have had rainy day which is normal for this area, but very happy to see the low bodies of water fill up. One night we had a very slight dusting of snow. I had really hoped to be able to take beautiful snow photos.. Didn’t happen… Take care!

    1. Hi Mother Hen, I haven’t gotten out in ages to go photograph interesting things. Trying to save some mileage on my ailing car. 🙂 But, I’m with you..we only got a bit of snow. Not enough to venture out and it was blustery along with the snow. Thanks for visiting.

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