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Still reading through the Bible, and enjoying the Journaling through the Bible. Now doing it on the pages of my Note Takers Bible. Some use an actual Journaling Bible that are one column and have a wider margin, but for now, I found this one locally with a price I could afford. 🙂

Love all that I’ve been learning about the different mediums for doing the journaling like the Gelatos, Watercolor Pencils, Embossing, etc. and my favorite is the glitter tubes that you find for about 99 cents at WalMart. They work great.

The reading for March is Mark if anyone wants to follow along. I’ll be journaling the scriptures, and if you read along in Mark, any comments would be fun to get your point of view on the Scripture as we head into the Resurrection.

Some of my journaling pages below:




This one below I did using some freebies from friends in a Facebook Group for Digital Journaling. The Doodles you can find on Tara’s site and the background is from Bernadette. The fence and scripture and element, I added.

Love with B and T elements

This one below, I created for a theme of creation in the His Kingdom Come site. Wouldn’t it be fun to receive such an invitation to explore the beginnings with God and have him tour you through to the cross?

Creation Invitation


These are the tags that I’ve made so far for the ‘I AM’ theme with HKC.

Hope you enjoyed my bit of journaling that I’ve been working on. Hope you can stop back for the book of Mark.

36898-journalingthrubiblebutton  305e7-readingthrubiblebutton




4 thoughts on “Journaling Bible

  1. I remember entering college and seeing people write in books for the first time. I was horrified! I spent my childhood being taught to never write in books and here everyone was encouraging it! Now I see what you’ve done here and I have to admit, I’m all “big eyes.” Very lovely. So encouraging and festive. You certainly give me a lot to think about. I journal the Bible, too, at times but have not done it in this way. In a separate book. But this is very, very cool. My grandmother’s Bible, which I inherited would have been much more interesting to peruse if I had her journaling in the inside.

    1. Agree Beth..we were taught you never lay anything on a Bible because it is sacred and I really never wrote in one so it was strange at first. Then I realized that if I did make notes in mine, I could go back and see better the scripture that the notes referred to better than at first when I did a separate journal. I also was thinking, as you say about your Grandmother’s Bible, that maybe my kids would enjoy looking through my notes one day and make my Bibles (I have a few..:)) more precious to them. I have nothing like that from my mom or grandmother. They all went to other siblings. 😦 Seems Bible journaling is new or at least to me, but I do keep one just for reading if I need in case words would get covered over. There are so many wonderful artists that are in the group that I’m in that do beautiful worship paintings in their Bibles. I’ve never painted nor am I an artist so for now just some words and stamps.

      Thanks a bunch for visiting and commenting.

        1. Well, and look at those beautiful Bibles that were ornamental from the “Dark ages.” We see them and they are totally jazzed up along the edges, beautified. I agree that it seems crazy when you consider them to be sacred, but these are not the original scrolls. I’m learning to not be such a tight bottom about such things.

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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