Recycling Idea and Bug Away

If you like to be outdoors, but not so crazy about the little pests that fly around, I have a recycling idea. I saw these citronella vases in the local store selling for upwards of $20 or more, but being on a retirement budget, I decided to make some out of my own vases.

This vase was a gift candle.
After the candle was gone, I hated to part with it, and kept it.
Now it has a new use.



I had this refillable canister from one of those bamboo torches that was also a gift from a few years back that was broken


so I  made this for my front porch area at a cost of $0


Then I found this vase at Goodwill for $1.00


and it needed a taller refillable canister, which I bought for $3.99



Combined, I thought it looked pretty good for my patio area.



I hope you like the idea and have fun making some of your own for when you’re having outdoor fun, plus I think they look great compared to just a generic bug away product. 🙂
If you make some, I’d love if you’d come back and share a picture in the comments section.
Don’t you just love recycling bargains? I do….and, I like scribbling about my finds.
Enjoy your day, and sending God’s blessings your way,

6 thoughts on “Recycling Idea and Bug Away

    1. Hey, so glad you stopped by, and thanks for commenting so I know you were here. I’ve always loved finding thrift store things to reinvent. My sister use to call my house early garage sale when she liked something I’d made and asked where I got it, then she’d correct with that statement. I don’t do as much anymore, but still am a thrift store junkie. 🙂

    1. Thanks sweet lady….everyone was doing them in wine jars at the lake last year, but when I saw them in the store, I liked this idea better than just using a jar. 🙂

  1. Wow! What a great idea! How do you keep the water out then, with caulk? Or do you take it in at night? I like the elegance of this. I’m a big recycler and when I find ideas like this, I love it. By the way, do you find that these bug inhibitors work? I think the mosquitoes in MN must be super insistent as they seem to use this stuff as mouth refresher. It makes them inspired. LOL. And with Zika virus the way it is, I always worry a little about using repellent. Would love to hear your thoughts. Keep this coming. Love it!

    1. The one has been sitting out for a few weeks so the black top part has kept the water out of the container, and as of yet the wick is still dry. We don’t have a cover on our porch or patio. It has actually been so windy..seems to always be windy here..and I haven’t really been sitting out to use them yet since I did this so can’t really say if they will deter the bugs. Even so, without using citronella, could use just lamp oil probably for a nice light if out at night. I’ve been reading that Johnson Creamy Baby oil is good for mosquito protection although I can’t seem to find any on the shelves at the local stores (not sure about the Zika kind). I’ve mostly been lucky that mosquitos don’t usually bite me.

      We always used the citronella candles in the buckets at the lake and they deterred the bugs.
      Not sure I follow about being worried of using repellent with the Zika type?

      We’ve had so many ticks this Spring that I could bathe in repellent spray as my new perfume scent. lol

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