18 Years of Catching Up

So when the kids are all grown and moved away, we decided it was time for the parents to go play. So we did. We bought a little campsite close to a fun and busy lake, a pontoon boat, a camper, and a golf cart. And the fun began, and it lasted for 18 years. Partying on the lake and off the lake with friends. That’s how we pretty much spent our 50’s and 60’s.

Along the way, though, the home site was very neglected. And, playing catch up in our 70’s is pretty much a moot point, but we’re trying. And on a very skinny budget. In the hottest, dog days of Summer, this is what has been happening keeping us busy this July.

New Roof – Hired it done
Painting House Trim Two Coats – Hubby and I did the work
Tearing Out What Use To Be The Rec Room Entrance – Hubby and I
Installing A Garage Door – Hubby and I
Tearing Up Carpet in what use to be the rec room, but now is a garage again – Hubby and I
Scrapping Up Glue from carpet – Hubby and Mostly me (ongoing)
Painting Trim on the high pitch ends of the house – Grandson and Son

Reason for changing the Rec Room back into a garage was that the previous owner who changed it to a room didn’t put in a footer so because of that, the freeze and thaw over the years was causing the outside wall to start moving. During the winter, we had to tear out the fireplace that was in the room and we knew when Summer came we’d be changing it back to a garage.

This has kept us busy the month of July, as well as other things going on.

July 2016



More Leisure Days:

When my 4th grandson was born, his parents were staying with us so this grandbaby came home to our house. He and his mom was with us on and off for pretty much 8 years due to a divorce so I spent a lot of my first retirement years enjoying this little one. Our fun times were to go to the park and take walks on the one that has a trail that leads down to the Dam. Even though I no longer have him full time, and he is turning 10 this year, he still likes to come visit. He loves my craft area, and scrapbooking supplies. So this Summer was no different…we visited our favorite play park and trail. Below is a collage of him that I titled ‘Then and Now’

Tyson Then Now

Sharing for the July collage over at Mona’s Picturesque’s ‘A Month In Photos’ . Stop over for a visit to see how others spent their July.

As always, I love and read all comments so feel free to share how you spent your July, and what’s been happening this Summer or just say ‘HI’.

~Hugs ‘n Giggles ‘n God Bless~







10 thoughts on “18 Years of Catching Up

  1. Wow big project in the hot summer! We have been having crazy hot and hummid Summer in Southern Ohio sine July… Hardly we stay outside for long like in end of May or June.

    But we are thankful!


    1. Thanks for visiting. The last few Summers, it seems, have been exceptionally hot for Ohio. At least, we are finally getting some rain. It has gone around us all Summer. ~hugs~ and thanks for visiting.

  2. That’s quite an undertaking, Patricia! Renovating can be fun, but it’s also a whole lot of work, as you know! We’re getting ready to take off in our little camper for the next few months. Looking forward to a change of scenery and pace. Blessings on your week!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thankfully, you hired out the roofing project (those people are crazy!). I believe you have more energy in your 70s than I have in my 50s! Our stories of children living under our roofs and taking care of grandbabykins are eerily similar. So…..there is life after raising grandchildren? 🙂 I hope August lets you relax a bit more and enjoy the fruits of your labor. xoxo

    1. Hi and Thank you. I agree, our stories do seem similar. I didn’t realize how much until I read your latest post. Congratulations on the new place for your daughter and kids. It will seem empty for a bit, I’m sure. Seems kids come and go and come and go, and then it is the final go or at least it was for us. Yes, August is relax time, the bulk of the big projects is done. Wish we could just sell, and I’d take apartment with cement all around, but staying here for now is more reasonable than renting a place. haha
      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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