One Of The Few-Book Review

Jason was just another kid growing up in what was a normal world for him. Normal to his world was a father that was in the military and the moving was just a fact of life. Get new assignments, move in, get settled until the next move. He pretty much spent his childhood as any other. Life was normal to his way of thinking until one day it wasn’t.

When he met the girl of his dreams, the one difference in her childhood included being raised in a very religious family that attended Church regularly and loved God. Until then, Jason had pretty much just went along with his view of not actually having a definite view. He hadn’t really given religion and what his worldview was until he met and married Karry.

Until Karry posed the question to him one evening of ‘What do you think happens when we die?’, he hadn’t really mulled it over that much.

Being of a military family, it was only natural to Jason that he would join the military also. His training as a Marine helped him when he decided to figure out why some chose to believe in their faith, and why they steadfastly held to their beliefs. He couldn’t just take faith on say so. He began a life changing experience from what he might call his atheism to his definite faith and love of Jesus Christ. He went in search of what his worldview held for him and others.

His book and life story gives parallel views of how Marine experiences related to experiences in his finding of his faith. He not only researched Christianity, he also researched and found answers (which he shares references to throughout his book) to why other religions just don’t fit the bill.

His book is a great read for those that are searching for answers, but also for those who have found Jesus and the answers they feel they need. He brings up some great points and shares references he found during his search for a worldview answer that makes the reader stop and think about their worldview and how they perceive their life. He softly gives advice that is a great help to anyone seeking more answers.

One of The Few

Sharing an excerpt from his author site:

Discover the transformative power of faith

◊ Become better equipped to teach your children
◊ Build confidence to share your faith with others
◊ Learn how a secular worldview affects the way you think, believe, and behave
◊ Use fighter pilot fundamentals to prepare for your most important mission: the search for truth

Jason B. Ladd is an author, Marine, and an Iraq War veteran.

Jason’s story is an easy to read novel that shares some interesting facts about his military life, his personal life, as well as sharing the route he took and experiences along the way that led to his conclusion and love of Jesus. It is fact based.

I enjoyed reading Jason’s book, and as a Christian, I found some interesting facts on Christianity and other world views that were new to me, and even the stories about his Marine life was interesting. I recommend this novel.

You can pick up your copy of Jason’s book at the following sources:







For more information, visit Jason’s site found at:

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