Pictorial Friday Blog Hop Sept 16

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Colossians 3 14

This week for my Pictorial Friday party, I’m sharing a scripture graphic. You can download the background below to use however you choose. It is from my grunge collection.

The foliage around the large flower imprint and the butterfly on my texture, I found at Anna Aspnes Design at Oscraps.com

Excited to see your sharing of Photography or Graphic

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~hugs ‘n giggles ‘n blessings~



You can find the texture HERE


6 thoughts on “Pictorial Friday Blog Hop Sept 16

  1. I love your combination of texture and scripture. Perfect! My computer is slow today…ugh but finally got this completed. Have a wonderful weekend! Have to been to any thrift-stores lately?

    1. Thank you Mother Hen. Also, thanks for sharing a link. 🙂 I haven’t gone thrifting as much as before, and lately they just haven’t had much to spark my creative side for recycling into something different or a find of something I’ve been looking for except for a laminator so I could try doing that foiling. However, you need a laser printer to make it look best vs the glue and foil, but still deciding if I really need to invest in a laser printer. Have been back to sewing and making the purses/totes and making some things to put on my Etsy, but still I seem to procrastinate on adding things there. lol

      1. My printer is acting up and stopped by a computer repairer. He gave me suggestions and when I mentioned a laser printer and wasn’t enthusiastic about it. He recommended a Epson or maybe it’s Epsom Workforce. I will see what I can do with mine first….

        1. I priced some at Office Depot and WalMart. To do the foiling you only need black and not color and has to be laser. Office Depot has a reasonable Brother or Samsung, but I didn’t check out Epson. Let me know how you like it. Thanks. I’m just not sure I’d make that many things with foil, but it is pretty to foil the words, etc. The site that shows it says to take to QuickPrint and just have them make copies if you don’t have a laser printer and that will work and economical vs buying a printer, and I did that at Office Depot, but their copies didn’t work.

          1. Hmm! I will see if I can fix my printer first. But the computer repair guy told me that they Epsom is very reasonable. If you ever want to donate a child size little patchwork blanket for the center that I work at Let me know. I am thinking about room five. They are all about two in there and rest on a cot after lunch. No pressure, just a thought. It would have to be marked or say room five on it…

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