Pictorial Friday Blog Hop 9-7





Our son and daughter-in-law took us out on their boat for a ride on a beautiful, fall-like day. The air was warm, and just breezy enough. So naturally, I had to take along my camera.

The leaves are just beginning to turn so got couple shots of the trees around the reservoir. 

Then they treated me and hubby to lunch. Best kind of day when can spend it with the kids. 🙂

The photos, the only touch up that I did was to enhance them some in the Adobe Photoshop program. I use Elements 12.
Look forward to your sharing of some of the fun photography you took this week or just whenever. Always fun to see what others are shooting.
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lavendar-flower-freebie-4-you-buttonMy Fall Leaf Frame…

Sharing a Leaf Clipping Mask that you add a picture too and use as is or add to a photo or however you choose. I created it in Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 from a photo of a leaf, but should be able to use in other versions of Adobe and hopefully other programs.

The download is HERE

Just add your photo and then drag it below the leaf frame layer and it should automatically be displayed under the leaf cutout. Enjoy, and I would love to have you share in comments or on your linkup how you used this, but if not, that’s okay too. You can use however you like, credit given would be nice, but not necessary.

Below is example of how I used the leaf:



Most already know how to do a clipping mask, but thought I’d share below an example for those that are new to clipping masks.



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4 thoughts on “Pictorial Friday Blog Hop 9-7

  1. Hopping over to say hello and a boat ride sounds fun and refreshing.. Love the leaf clipping mask. Not something I have heard of. I will have to try it out. Thank you!

    1. Learned clipping masks from The Coffee Shop Blog, and they’re fun. This one I made from a Leaf in my yard, but can make them so many ways and as multiple frames.
      The boat ride was great as we rarely get to visit them since his work hours. Was nice since we no longer have our boat to be on the water for a ride.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  2. I love the leaf clipping mask, I haven’t done much in Elements but may give this a try. I usually crop, resize and see if it needs any lighting help (often does (:). A boat ride would be awesome this time of year! We are thinking of going on an autumn train tour and I’m wondering how much the windows will interfere.

    1. Thanks…so glad you liked the leaf. I made it from a leaf I found in the back yard. The train sounds like would be a great way to see the autumn colors. 🙂 Glad you visited and commented.

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