Late Visitors to My Flowers





I was so glad to see this Monarch Butterfly stopping for some livelihood. Monarchs have been scarce around here lately so was fun to see their return, and I’ll hate to see them go when the winter months arrive.


Sharing one of my painted textures. I used this one behind the butterfly picture above. You can download it HERE without my logo. I hope you enjoy using it.

Would love to see how you use it in one of your photos by linking up with Pictorial Friday.

Note: the ribbon on my framed photo is from French Kiss Collections. She makes lovely textures and other items. If you subscribe, she does have some freebies.


3 thoughts on “Late Visitors to My Flowers

  1. Monarchs are so pretty. When we were in MO were we lucky enough to experience a Monarch Migration. They were literally every where on the trail we used to run on. It was amazing.

    Lovely shots.

    Lisa @ LTTL

  2. Oh my! I thought the Monarchs were all gone by now. But, I had hummers at my feeders well into early October….later than normal. Lovely photos!

    1. We really have had some nice weather this Fall even into the first parts of November and the yellow flowers have been hanging on. The day I took this, I was glad to see the butterfly and a bumble bee even still visiting my flowers. Thanks a bunch for visiting. ~hugs~

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