Who Is Peabea?


Me 7 21 17 for profile 3


All about me: I’ll try to keep this to a minimum. I love to write, take photos, write poems, do webpages, and I’ve always done crafts of one sort or another. My latest is learning to do Bible Journaling as I read through the Bible.

In the summer, you’ll find me hanging out with the hubby doing some fishing and mostly just lazing around.

I am a mom of three grown children, a grandmom of 5, great grand-mom of 2, and a wife of one. *SMILES*. Plus a mom to one spoiled dog named Razzy.

After all my years of working as an Administrative Assistant, I am currently among the retired. For a bit, I tried my hand doing freelance writing for Examiner.com as their Columbus Grandparents Examiner and the Childrens Books Review Examiner. My articles are still there if you’d like to take a peek.

I recently upgraded my camera to a Nikon DSLR so am having fun learning all about that technology. I’ve loved taking pictures since I won my first ‘Brownie Camera’ selling flower seeds when I was in third grade. It was the kind that the top lifted up and you looked down in to frame up your subject. Loved that camera!!

Peabea’s Patch is about sharing Photography and Crafts. I’m currently enjoying experimenting in Adobe Photoshop Elements as well as working on making the Purses that I sell as well as other crafts.

If anyone would like to participate on my site by sharing your favorite photography or crafts or even to just write about them, please let me know and I will arrange the link up for you.

All input is appreciated. God Bless, Have an Awesome day, and Thanks for visiting my patch!!



I should add that my first name is Patricia and my initials are PB so instead of using those I chose Peabea. 🙂



  1. Hi there, how are you? I was browsing around your blog and saw where you have the Pictorial Friday Link up Party but I didn’t see where to link up. Am I overlooking it? Thanks 🙂

    1. That is awesome. The link is usually for week or two, but I haven’t done it lately, but I’m thinking of bringing it back so should be up right after the Labor Day holiday after I make a few tweaks to it. Hopefully, when I do you will still stop by to link up. I’ll be sure to let you know when it goes live. Thanks again.

  2. Hi there, Peabea! Love your website! Your content is fresh and inspiring. 🙂 Would love to get in contact with you, please send me a note to subscriber (at) roylco (dot) ca. Thanks a lot!

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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