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I was gifted one of these sets when we were having our third child, a little girl, after two boys. I love to crochet so I had to make one also in different colors so I purchased the directions. The one below I made for my son and daughter-in-law who were expecting a little girl bundle of joy. It is out of print I’m pretty sure. I looked in the crochet sections of stores and didn’t find it, I googled it and didn’t find it, and after rummaging through my craft backlog, I found my directions.

I’m including the directions below in PDF format so you can make your own.

Perfect new baby gift or any size toddler gift, or Christmas gift.





Directions below.

Crochet Sacque set D382 directions

Crochet Sacque set D382 directions pg 

Hope you Enjoy!!  and have fun making a set.



I Made Mine

Music Ornament for photo blog copy

This cute ornament I found on The Graphic Fairy’s site. She shares so many cute freebies. I didn’t use the wooden circles to make mine, I just used cardstock because I’ll probably use them on gift packages, but I may make some more permanent later on.

The background that I used on my photo above is compliments of The Coffee Shop Blog.  She has some great freebies of packages of Christmas backgrounds.

All instructions can be found here 



Below another ornament using white paper. The sheet music is also a freebie that can be found at The Graphics Fairy and printed off on your home printer.


peabeapatch blogger relax ribbon copy

Another quick craft I made is my own creation. When I head out to shop or to the gym, sometimes I grab a soft drink  or water. Now that winter is here, the can is cold on the fingers so I decided to make a can cozy for myself. See below:


Now the fingers are warm. 🙂 ~smiles ‘n giggles~

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Gift Card Stocking

Gift Card Stockings from Crap I’ve Made’s Blog

I got the pattern for these from Crap I’ve Made’s blog site. She has lots of really cute crafts there. Anyway, these were so easy to make that I actually couldn’t stop and made about a dozen. On some, I added the name in glitter of my grandbabykins to hang on my Christmas tree this year. The fun was that I could use up some of my scrap materials to make since I didn’t think that they actually had to be Christmas theme. The six year old grandbabykins liked the idea so much, and his that I made, he wanted to take one home for his tree at home plus he decorated his own with glitter. Bonus…kids would have fun decorating them with glitter or adding their special touches after you make some.

If you like to sew and do crafts, visit ‘Crap I’ve Made’s’ page for the tutorial and pattern for these, and have fun!!!  You’ll love browsing her site for other crafts to make.

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Stockings on the cute!!

Stockings on the tree…so cute!!


I created a page for Crafts, but I’ve noticed that if you do pages, they rarely get visited, and I don’t think there’s a place to leave a comment so from now on, I think I’ll just post everything on the main page and not do pages. So, here goes this one that I posted a while back, but today, I’m adding how I packaged her Doily (see post below).

I saw on The Spotted Canary television show this nifty way to present a gift in a bag without having to purchase the tissue that is usually just tossed away.  Here are a couple copies of the bag that I decorated for my daughter-in-law’s birthday gift. I think it’s so much more clever than the usual, and it gives them a closure to keep for their next gift bag present.

Bag Topper Lisa

Here’s the link to their site for the how to and you might find some other cute ideas if you’re into crafting or scrapbooking.

Have a blessed Sunday.


DOILIES ~ who doesn’t love em…

My Aunt Wilda, my mom’s sister, taught me to crochet when I was about in the 3rd grade. I loved all the beautiful things that she’d made; especially the beautiful beadspread made with rosette flowers on top. So, when I asked, she taught me how to get started. I would sit for hours just making chains, and then eventually, I learned to hook the chain into a circle and go from there making my own designs. Now mind you, they weren’t the prettiest things because I didn’t know how to gauge them to the right size so usually they ended up curling and not in a round circle. As the years went by, and those doilies went by the wayside (trash), I didn’t crochet that much anymore. After I was married, I decided to learn to read the patterns in a book and crochet doiles, and I even made my new baby boy a sweater (still have that one). Mostly, the doilies I made, I gave away.

After my third child was born, and I was almost 40, I was ridiculous and started smoking (dumb move on my part). After a bit, I quit because my mind kept telling me how sad that baby would be if I had to leave her to grow up on her own because I chose that habit. Anyway, leading into the rest of my paragraph with that because when I quit, doilies were my life saver. To find something different to do with my hands, I began making doilies again. I made 10 or more and gave them as gifts to whoever wanted one, but I did keep some of those.

I’ve made doilies for my daughters-in-law, and my newest daughter-in-law’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks so the latest craft in ‘The Peabea Patch’ that I’m sharing is the one that I’ve made for her. It’s called Gentle Wind.


Some Freebie Info:

There was also one of the doilies that I’d made for my daughter that I no longer have the pattern, and I wanted to make another. I must have somehow lost track of the magazine that I’d purchased or pitched it. I couldn’t find it anywhere.  So, off to the internet to see if I could find any free crochet patterns that might be like it or refer me to where I could buy it. In my search, I found and on their front page, I couldn’t believe they had a picture of the doily I was looking for; it’s called Granny’s Favorite.

granny's favorite doily
Image of Granny’s Favorite from

Hope you enjoy the latest craft in my Patch. Will share more pictures of doilies from yesteryear later.

Happy Crafting, and thanks for stopping by.


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Years ago, I discovered garage sales. My kids, when young, would cringe if they saw me see a sign on the side of the road on a week-end because they knew if it was a garage sale…most likely mom would be stopping. As the kids grew up and life got busier for them, my garage sale week-ends went by the wayside. Once kids became adults and out of the house, it seems I’ve discovered Thrift Stores. If I’m looking for something, I’m always amazed that I usually find a perfectly good whatever that someone just didn’t need anymore. A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with my two sisters, and afterwards we hit a nice Thrift store in that town. Not sure why, but when I spotted this Linen scarf, it was a must have. I loved the design of it. It cost me a whole thirty cents.

DSC_0169 1

I’ve yet to decide what I want to do with this lovely. I’ve photographed it thinking I could make textures, backgrounds, and/or brushes with it. Also, I found an idea at called Grandma’s Linen Pouches. grandma linen pouchesThose look cute so I may end up doing a pillow or something or fashion something.

After finding that Thrift Store find, I found more linen’s at a local Thrift. With those, I have fashioned some brushes that I’m hoping to put together to share with visitors to my site. [love making brushes with photoshop]

More thrift store linens:

DSC_0172 DSC_0169 DSC_0171

Love bargains and finding things to reclaim into something different and usable.

Sharing flowers the 6 yo grandbabykins brought me: He said he checked and there were no bugs on them. hahaha


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